You Won’t Believe What They Want To Impeach Trump For Now!

After a recent town hall has turned up the heat on impeachment talks.

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  • Mike Stanmore

    They get to vote again in about a year. Why don’t these jackasses just work on that? This all seems like collective insanity, surely there’s some actual work they can do towards running your country!

  • Tracey Leath

    Seriously? We knew about his disingenuousness prior to voting him in office. Can you imagine if everybody’s crass words were put on display for the world to see?

    Likely, few, if any people would qualify.

    Did not Kamala commit adultry & Bernie….he is such a lazy slob he was kicked out of a commune. Where did Maxine’s & Pelosi’s money come from?

    They do not want to keep opening this can of worms. The worms might begin biting back.

  • Jeff Pansini

    What are the Dems going to do when he wins again? Are we going to have to put up with this nonsense for another 4 years? Or are they going all in and vote on weather to assassinate Trump instead of impeach him? Then he can arrest them all right there for Treason. We need need term limits on all of these people and they can never run for any office ever again.

  • Jess Thib

    Thanks guys for a good lol 😂makes me laugh really hard Clinton got his dick sucked in the big house and nothing happened to him Trump what said shit and they want to hang him 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • baiyoboi

    Why did I get not 1 but 2, 46 Minute ADS? I let the ADS play because I want my Favorite YouTube Channel be Monetized. But I AM Skipping that AD. Sorry.

  • Corinne Fitzpatrick

    They’re Never going to stop, their 2 and half year long temper tantrum from Hillary losing. They are seriously deranged, and I’m beginning to hate them, I am so sick of hearing it. ~ But Trump was elected after everyone knew about the comments. MAGA 2020 !!!!

  • Christoph Egger

    Only talking about Trump, Impeachment and the Mueller report would distract from talking about the REAL issues? YES! But thats the problem the democrats have! Nancy Pelosi and all the other bought and payed for corporate tools have NO INTEREST to talk and tackle the real issues. Clinton ran on NOTHING but “No to Trump”, there was no substance, no real talking points, no agenda, no plan, no reforms, NOTHING! Same as the democrats now. Trump is all they have to talk about! Instead of voting FOR something, you are supposed to vote AGAINST someone. Thats it!

    It didn’t work in 2016 and if the economy and US Dollar can be kept alive until 2020 it will also not work in the next election. The only chance democrats have is that the next big financial crisis (debt crisis) is coming (which is only a question of when and not of if) before 2020, then they will be able to blame it on Trump and on capitalism and therefor convince a lot of people to give socialism a try. The sad part about this is the fact that the only reason capitalism and the free market are failing and why we have these crisis to begin with is because of government, government interference in the free market, socialist programs (crony capitalism exists because of government) and we would get even more of that with a “democratic socialism” Bernie Sanders led government. So it would get worse! And if the economy can hold up and Trump gets re-elected they will have another shot at it in 2024 when we will most likely be in the middle of the next big crisis by then. So sooner or later capitalism will get blamed for the next crisis (although government should get blamed for it), which will make things a lot worse.

    The best thing everyone should do is send a loud and clear message to Washington by NOT VOTING! By not participating in this scheme! Neither party has your interest in mind! Both parties are doing unconstitutional shit and will only expand doing so. Both parties are corrupt, bought and payed for to keep the crony capitalism alive and well and even expand it. Its only getting worse for everyone the longer this madness is kept alive. Your participation by voting left or right gives them the legitimacy to do so. Imagine an election and nobody shows up. It would at least raise a lot of questions whats wrong and how to fix it. Followed by protests we could make it loud and clear that we had enough of this dog and pony show and until the swamp on both sides is drained, until the rotten core of the government and widespread cancer is cured, there is no point in voting for either party. The push for going back to a more constitutional republic with limited government and more individual liberty and freedom, ending the Fed and IRS, government getting out of the education system, preventing government to interfere in the free market and so on would be set as an requirement. Thats the only solution i can see. Everything else e.g. “democratic socialism” is just making the problem even bigger, giving government even more power and influence and therefor makes the crony capitalism even bigger and stronger. Everything needs to get reveresed. Government has to shrink significantly but the powers that be WOULD NEVER give up their power voluntarily. NEVER! We have to force them to do it.

  • Corinne Fitzpatrick

    I want to believe Trump 2020 in a landslide but there are a lot of crazy people that believe these nut balls. That really scares me. I think these people are so unstable that we can’t allow them to be in control of this country. Who are you more afraid of having control of the red button? Trump or the left? My gawd, we would be in such trouble.

  • Chris Shawn

    Is being a Zionist puppet for the benefit of a foreign country (USS Liberty) while supposedly in the official position of Presidency of the US. it that an impeachable offense?

  • James Schrumm

    When I was growing up tattoos were something you did if you were a badass or a prisoner now they obviously make you a normal everyday victim.

  • Amanda Stanger

    At this point..even if you hate would be worth it to vote for him just to watch the sh.. Show.
    when he wins…buckets and buckets of popcorn😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Multikalwin

    OMG, Trump is so bad because SJW’s attack him.. I guess that means, in reverse psychology, that we must support him! Nevermind that he provides gift and gift to the oligarchy. Deregulation and Low taxes to the rich and corporations.


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