5G Is Not What You Think! Especially In China!

5g is not one thing despite it being presented as such, so in this video we discuss the differences at length.

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  • Mr Bojangles

    Yea talk about 5g and “blockchain” is nonsense, imo. Worst not even social credit stalking, think these systems can be weaponized to hit targets with radiation.

  • Luke Himself

    5G has nothing to do with 5 Gigahertz..
    Its MICROWAVES carrying cell phone and other devices cell signal.
    When I’m in the country, with pre-paid Boost mobile, running on their old Sprint towers reserved for prepaid customers, and with ONE QUARTER SIGNAL, I can download anything at 3.5MB/s..
    The uploads are similarly as fast..
    “Self Driving” Transfer Trucks 🚛 can run on 3G, it’s been done, can still be done, and doesn’t “need 5G microwaves”.. FFS!!!

    What is wrong with Jason? You would actually support microwave 5G, if it had some expert saying “microwaves aren’t going to hurt you”??? Fck is wrong with you??

  • oicub2

    I tried explaining the dangers of Wireless technology to someone, and they told me “there is a big difference between ionizing, and non-ionizing radiation.”
    So I screamed as loud as I possibly could in their ear, “What is the difference?”
    I’m pretty sure they got the point.

  • zezt zezter

    this subject deserves MUCH more time, and you must research more into it. FARRRRRRR more than you did about MJ…. It is not only harmful for us but for wildlife. I have shared about the dangers in online groups etc and was surprised the apathy and even hostility i got, even from psychedelic societies who could not understand what 5G had to do with psychedelics. OMFG…!!!

  • Me Em

    Sprint has gone door to door in my hood asking about the ‘service’ in the area since they installed new towers in the area…. It was weird we are not Sprint customers.

  • Crypto Frenchman

    hey 5g is controlling your minds with all that spectrum toxicity
    oh ya what is 5g bro, well i don’t know the standard ain’t out yet, duh
    bru, 5g has satellites, huh though 5g was IoT.
    5G is all of that :*
    you can’t escape it.

  • jaleel al-Askari

    5G,.. self driving cars,…. trade war,…national security threat,……
    and no mention of israel,…. what a fucking surprise ,…… 28pages of 5g,…. lol,………
    israel and china are doing big deals,… during this trade war,….. lot of eurasian oligarchs involved too,……. #miga

  • jaleel al-Askari

    we are (((trash))) ,….. silicon wadi,… unit 8200,… talpiot ,….. 911,…. mossad,…
    now israel is the 2nd eye out of the 5 eyes,……

  • Justin Case

    Ohh, so 5G has already been used for years by the US government and we are not all dead or zombies yet? Hmm, strange, I though 5G was a weapons system that was going to kill us all and immediately give us all brain cancer the minute we came into contact with those teeny, tiny little radio waves that can’t even penetrate tree branches, leaves, rain, fog or skin. How strange. Don’t tell me all those excellently produced YouTube video’s and so-called experts were wrong and were lying to us all this whole time!

  • Ed Reyes

    I’ve never seen people so willing to give up their right to privacy and pay to do so. Wake up America. This is the beginning of the end. This tech will put 3/4 of the population out of work.

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