Josh Sigurdson sits down with Yaakov Markel to talk about the recent death of a man in Maryland following a gun grab raid on his house. The man refused to give up his firearms and for that was shot.
The gun grab followed a recent passing of legislation called a “Red Flag law” which allows families or more importantly police to petition state courts to allow police to seize people’s guns if they believe under whatever individual perception that the person should not own a firearm. It’s a sneaky way around the constitution and is actually being instated in many states, Connecticut being the first state to implement the law in 1999. Surprisingly places like Florida have the red flag law and less surprisingly places like California and Illinois have the law in place.
Anne Arundel police are justifying the death of the man in Maryland saying that his opposition to the law and eventual death is reason for the law in the first place!
So imagine, government comes to your house and attempts to steal your property because outside of any court they decide for whatever subjective reason that you shouldn’t have a gun. You refuse to give up your own property, so they shoot you to death. Sound legit? Didn’t think so.
114 warrants have been served across Maryland in the past month alone since the red flag law went into effect in the state. They are basically doing door to door gun grabs and it’s a big red flag, no pun intended.
Yaakov explains why this will not work and the amazing potential of the free market to override the attempts by government to restrict the use of defense and ban inanimate objects. Everything the government does, the free market can do better and there are always alternatives from the blockchain to independent crafting of these inanimate objects in a person’s garage. Black markets are created where white markets are extinguished.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
Yaakov Markel

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