Josh Sigurdson reports on the insanity of SJWs after they harassed Steve Martin into deleting a tweet where he called Carrie Fisher “beautiful and witty” which led brainless liberals to claim he was a sexist pig. This is yet another example of politically correct madness continuing to make headlines despite the fact that these coddled babies are hitting rock bottom, losing all support and destroying their own causes.
While college and university kids sit in their safe spaces doing play doh and lego therapy due to their inability to face reality, most people have enough common sense to not get triggered by everything anyone ever says.
These kids believe that since they can’t control their own emotions, everyone else should do it for them and now they’re using the death of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to attempt to capitalize on their moronic, fragile viewpoints. Except it’s not working.
This madness led to Trump winning. This madness is causing liberalism to fall into a bottomless pit. While it belongs in this pit, the craziness of social justice warriors is causing a counter madness. While the alt-right movement isn’t necessarily big and the labels it’s been given are vast and various, it is indeed an answer to the insanity of the left.
How about instead of attacking people like Steve Martin for voicing his thoughts, or comedians for telling jokes, people just try freedom for once? Freedom of the individual, not coercion of the collective.
But alas, that’s up to us to voice and bring to the public. The SJWs don’t know enough information to take up a real cause so they make themselves victims so they have something to talk about without the work involved in actually educating themselves. Let’s help educate some of these people. After all, most of them are just kids without a clue. This can change.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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