UK Firms Plan To MICROCHIP Employees With Old School BIOTECH To “Improve Security”

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Microchipping humans with chips the size of a grain of rice is ancient technology that is now being accepted on the mainstream level. In 2002 the Jacob family became the first known family to inject the chip in the wake of 911 for the purposes of having “more security”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out how this is old technology and that there does exist today the ability to do similar injections on a molecular level which plays into the Transhumanist movement where mankind hopes to merge man and machine with the ultimate goal of eventually become like gods.


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  • r4rev2

    These don’t matter because they’re just RFID chips. They have no power source unless being read by a machine in close proximity, in this case touching because it’s buried in your skin. I wouldn’t ever do this but these have no tracking capabilites. It worries me what it can develop into.

  • Nicole Hervieux

    I don’t think that you will be forced to take the chip, it will be a choice, but people will flock to this. Whoever refuses won’t be able to buy or sell, and will be persecuted as the Bible states. I will refuse to the end, I would rather be killed, starve, suffer or to be persecuted and spend my eternal with God rather than become part of the beast system. Thank you for your report on this.

  • BigSmartArmed

    I’m completely fine with chipping people as long as my feet will be kissed when I walk into any given government or corporate building. I think of my self as the King of Administrative Bureaucracy, I just do, and I require any bureaucrat to drop down on their knees and kiss my feet when I walk by.

    It is not unreasonable at all!  They want to chip people like cattle, that’s fine, but only as long as I get to be the King of all bureaucrats. Why not?

    Also on the weekends I moonlight as Napoleon Bonaparte, but I speak French only in sign language which I have learned from Obama’s translator in Africa.

    It’s not crazy at all! According to libtard cult anything goes, so there you have it.

    The only thing I’m confused about is if this realm we are in is a giant insane asylum and the insane are running it, or a healthy realm has been corrupted by the insane into this pile of nonsense.

    Sooo, are we supposed to escape this insanity or subdue the insane?

    I guess I’ll have to ask Alexander The Great about that when I’ll see him over the weekend…

  • Ray Padilla

    Do people do not read the Bible or go to church? Or do people just want to go to hell? Do not take a chip in your right hand or forehead!!! Come on people wake up! Our time is short!!!!!

  • Titus 1 Verse 5

    Appreciate you bringing people’s attention to how no one could have imagined a worldwide mark of a beast(government) just a hundred years ago. The awesome part is that the book of Revelation was written 2,000 years ago : )

  • dave man

    I don’t believe it is the mark I believe it is tracking not going to put anything in my body that God ate already put there if they want to give you a chip put it on a necklace and face recognition it is not no shoot more secure if someone got ahold of your chip by cutting it out of your damn hand and put it in their pocket.

  • Aussie2u

    Would love to see a followup interview with the Jacob family to hear how the past 15 years have gone with those embedded chips 😉

  • Mark Shirley

    Stone the crows Dan!!!! NOW you’re up with the play on Revelation 13 &14. Now you only need to put the global weed move into its scriptural slot for this very time, and you have the game-plan going forward down cold! Educationally dumb them down. ‘Stone them, then stun them with trauma’s unfolding on every hand, then slip that chip into their hand held to their foreheads in fear and grief. Game over! GOTCHA! Now off to hell FOREVER! Do that deal with Jesus and get your Rapture-Ark boarding-pass signed in God/Jesus blood plus NOTHING! No room for religion on that air-lift rescue. And NOooooo! the pre-trib rapture is NOT a cop-out for Christians to slack off on. The rapture is ALL about God/Jesus returning His focus back to Israel to fulfil His promises to Abraham and David, FOR HIS OWN NAMES SAKE. NOT theirs or ours. And NOoooo! this chip people are taking NOW is NOT yet the ‘mark of the Beast’, until the Beast/Antichrist appears by his signing that ‘covenant with the many.’ But I won’t be taking no chip in my hand anyway. Rapture-ready and good to go! Maranatha!

  • robert toodie

    Remember that movie “Kingsman” where they had chips implanted in them and they could explode the chip inside someones head if they didnt obey….

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