Hillary Clinton’s Delusion Just Hit A New High! – What She Said Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

John Doull reports for World Alternative Media in this report breaking down the continued heightened delusion of Hillary Clinton following her talk at Codecon where she basically blamed everyone and everything but herself for her election loss.

“I take responsibility for every decision I made,” said Hillary. “But that’s not why I lost.”

Hillary went on to blame James Comey, “the Russians”, Vladimir Putin, Netflix, Facebook, Macedonian content farms, internalized misogyny, Wikileaks, Twitter, the DNC and most ridiculously, her main cheerleaders, The New York Times!
She claimed The New York Times covered her email scandal (which she claimed was the biggest nothingburger in history) like it was Pearl Harbor.

The very notion that anyone can have a low enough IQ to take Hillary Clinton seriously at this point in time is kind of terrifying. The future of humanity looks bleak!

Hillary has been involved in so many sleazy conspiracies it would take all day to note them all, but the fact that people just forget that she robbed starving Haitian earthquake victims of millions, paid mentally ill people to beat up women and male opposition in the streets with help from Soros money, was caught literally trying to rig the election which she doesn’t deny but instead just screams Putin’s name as a defence mechanism and took massive amounts of money from Saudi Arabia (who totally weren’t trying to meddle in the election…wink wink) who treat women worse than any other country in the world while Hillary claims she is a strong feminist leader.

Hillary is a complete joke and will go down in history as one of the most corrupt political figures, ever, in the United States.

Good riddance. Go back to the woods Hillary. Or prison… Prison’s good too…

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Doull

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  • watcher on the wall

    a liar is 100% convinced that what they are saying is the truth … but thats just what makes them so dam good at it .

  • Gayle Dailey

    Nice presentation. The recent info unearthed by George Webb and Jason Goodman is purported to be from the Seth Rich leak. It shows how the election were rigged to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Both these guys recently revealed they were Bernie supporters; that their efforts are not political, but just doing what’s right. Thanks to all the citizen investigative reporters, whistleblowers and leakers! This is the most exciting, and hopefully successful, reveal of corruption in my 77 years of life.

  • Ed Johnson

    Only a phoucking no brain idiot could still be listening to anything the Clinton mafioso has to say! Phoucking stupid liberals! Liberalism is a far greater threat to the world than anything else!

  • Real Name

    why is this bitch still being listening to? why is she even breathing? she doesn’t deserve to exist, let alone be heard

  • SeanWyseman

    I only got as far as Hillary’s first words “let’s just be honest…” I could not hear anything after that. For Hillary to say “let’s just be honest…”. What has Hillary ever been honest about?

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher

    It’s unfortunate for her to be a white woman. If she’d be black, she’d have an additional argument. Since she is a woman and sooo intelligent, why didn’t she anticipate this outcome?

  • Brad Payn

    Hillary Clinton said, “Let’s be honest,” on MSNBC! It’s a wonder how lightning didn’t strike her right then.

  • Mark Vehar

    Hillary is a psychotic tramp she has proven time and time again to be incapable of telling the truth. She never will be honest and admit that she manipulated the Democratic party nomination nor admit it was fault she lost the election. It is time to throw Hillary in the trash heap of history.

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