Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recent dangerous development between Russia and the United States as Obama evicts 35 Russian diplomats he deems spies while targeting Russia’s GRU and FSB.
This aggression against Russia comes shortly after the U.S. cut off all conversational ties with Russia. According to the CIA, Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails in order to sway the election by exposing Hillary Clinton’s blatant corruption. The problem is, there’s no evidence to prove Russia was involved and the CIA refuses to provide any.
According to Wikileaks, Russia was indeed not involved in any way in the leak, but DNC and NSA insiders. Wikileaks also claimed the attack by the Obama administration on Russia is a violation of international law, The Vienna Convention.

But even if Russia was involved in the hack, can you blame them? Hillary Clinton wanted a no-fly zone in Syria which would include shooting down Russian airplanes. That would lead to a world war.
However, the people don’t need Russia to tell them their mainstream media is pushing false narratives and that the system is built to desecrate civil liberties.

Barrack Obama, the Peace Prize winning globalist dope seems to be clearly attempting to create a hot war with Russia on his way out of office as January 20th approaches. It’s not only careless, it endangers all of our lives.

Vladimir Putin is not taking the bait however. He says he refuses to retaliate until after January 20th, if at all. Something Donald Trump has thanked Putin for.
So who’s really working towards peace and friendship? Why has the left become so obsessed with creating an even more dangerous atmosphere between the U.S. and Russia? This insanity needs to end immediately.

We will be extensively covering this issue as we have in the past. The story continues to develop every single day.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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