Josh Sigurdson talks at length with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about multiple issues important to many of our viewers.
Starting off, Lior goes into the monetary system and talks about the potential for a massive crash of the US world reserve currency as countries throughout the world swap out and build their own payment system. Lior explains why he doesn’t think it’ll be right away, but of course down the line all fiat systems fall. He talks about the potential issues that can arise from the trade deals and disagreements worldwide.
Lior then breaks down his thoughts on the potentially largest market crash in history as people like Jim Rogers has warned of. Could we be following the 7 year trend? Why are so many markets bubbled? Everything from housing, the auto industry, the tech industry, derivatives, pension shortfalls, etc. There are a lot of massive concerns on the radar.
With that, Lior talks about preparation, including a story about his father’s three bankruptcies and what it taught him as a kid, attempting to become successful and financially independent. It’s a lesson every young person needs to learn.
With that, the conversation topic of the culture of dependency comes up and Lior explains the obvious script playing out in public schools as they turn more and more into indoctrination centers and distract kids from learning about financial freedom and money in general. So who makes it that way?
We talk about who is really working behind closed doors to push the populace into a state of complete dependency.

All this and more in this lengthy, incredibly interesting interview!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Lior Gantz
Josh Sigurdson

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