Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest controversy surrounding Bill Clinton that’s both a new and old story at the same time.
The Mueller Report has revealed that Russia taped Bill Clinton having conversations with Monica Lewinsky that he would not want to go public. Clinton even said that he thought the phone might be bugged and that if tapes were to come out of their conversations that Lewinsky should say they were just friends and were trying to troll the people bugging the line.
As these tapes are revealed, it should remind us of the many things Bill Clinton has done regarding women in the past that far surpass anything he did with Monica Lewinsky.
The stories of Juanita Broaddrick come to mind among countless others.
The fact that Bill Clinton has gotten away with what has been alleged against him for decades and is still considered by at least one part of the political collectivist spectrum to be “cool” tells us a lot about the indoctrination of the masses by the media and what we’re allowed to be outraged over versus what doesn’t fit a certain narrative. This can be said about both sides. Confirmation bias meant to suit a narrative that furthers one’s political belief system in their attempt to market said belief.
It’s a sad society we live in when we prioritize victims based on belief systems rather than as individual cases perpetrated by terrible people.
With Joe Biden now running for President in 2020, this is further evidence that these issues aren’t properly prioritized. But alas, we have not heard the end of this at all…

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