A Matter Of Life & Death – David Whitehead (excerpt)

A brief clip from episode 40 of Truth Warrior.

Full episode available here: http://www.patreon.com/posts/22843022
The issue of self esteem is a psychological issue of profound importance. we need to carefully consider: – its role in human life – its significance in terms of understanding human motivation – its relevance to mental health – the basic knowledge that you are efficacious in the continuation of the life process


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  • Saulo Campos

    Thank you David for your hard work and dedication to help others wake up from the Inorganic/unnatural/false and psychotic life styles and systems we learn to do on the daily Basis.
    Thank you Michael Tsarion for your sacred work.
    Thank you for loving the truth.
    Thank you for speaking up when was necessary to awaken theasses.
    Thank you for helping me and so many others to become questioners, independent researchers and the importance that it is to go back to our roots…ages when knowledge was worshiped and humans ware Awakened Cosmos. When we lived in the natural way that it was intended from the perfect creation of the Cosmos.
    Oh I am so thankful for knowledge through wisdom.
    To know Thyself.
    To know you are and remember you are … ☆

  • Gushara

    I see that your format has changed. Is the Unslaved not here any longer??? Haven’t gotten any notifications for over a month and still paying for the service. Would really like to know what is going on? Please let me know if their has been a change and I don’t know it?

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