Canada Is Under Socialist Siege

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government has once again revealed their SJW policies by announcing a significant increase to the minimum wage….31.6% to be exact! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down why this is not only a bad idea and needs to be stopped but also how it can be done in a true capitalist free market. Patreon ➜
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  • Yan Yu

    so you really are a cock lets just let the corporations rape us while automating everything your fucked in the head with your con bullshit what we need is higher wages way higher all across the board with a much lower hour cap per week.

  • Barbara Owen

    All True, unfortunately we are over the cliff flailing and nothing will change with these politicians who only see lining their pockets as their mandate.

  • Camo Dog

    We will soon have an enemy to the north. Sad sad sad We already have enemies across the pond. Maybe we can ship our libtards over there and take all of their conservatives. That would be a great trade policy and immigration policy

  • northern barbarian

    Dan, I’ve always thought the conservatives gave away this election to the commies, an investigation into possible “fraudulent circumstances” would make plenty of suffering Albertans happy…

  • Divergent Droid

    Just do what many of us in the US are doing.. Say Screw the governments fake money system and buy/borrow land to live off the grid. Stop using the money, stop buying into the corrupt system. You can homestead and have all the food and security you need.

  • Greg Pek

    I was wondering why Canadians could elect such ridiculous governments – National and provincial. Then it hit me. Soros is close with Trudeau. The elections in Canada have been rigged. We were so focused on US elections that we didn’t pay attention to what was going on in France and Canada.

  • Jason Dreaver

    what you don’t get is this isn’t socialism. In a socialist society everyone works for the betterment of society. one society and everyone is in the same class which helps to combat division. This seems like propaganda against a real socialist society. This is a democracy where most get little to nothing while the few get most of the profit. I find that worse then a socialist society. Democratic government is the worst kind of society. we don’t have any choice over our lives at all. in the future because less dispersal of money people will be starving. in all few years this will be another dust bowl and the dirty 30s again. Native Americans were socialist! everyone was free! everyone worked and everyone was fed! Nobody starved! Greed begets more greed and that’s how this society will fail while a socialist will not.

  • MGTOW Psyche

    It is funny how an entrepreneur can make less than minimum wage and sometimes even lose money occasionally on certain contracts….If a corporation can charge less than minimum wage to another corporation for a product or service……yet an individual can’t decide to work for whatever wage both parties agree upon voluntarily?

  • Ruffneck Matt

    sorry to say it ur wrong the alberta ndp, do benefit from raping and pilage , the environmentalist, who most of the ndp are and the rest are high level union criminals!

  • S A

    Canada is one bright spot in this dark age ruled by Rothschild banking cartel. Raising the minimum wage is the only hope the poor have. Perhaps you don’t need it, but there are many who do. No more Tory Banksters in Canada!!

  • jack schitt

    students not finding part time jobs as grandpa and grandma are filling those jobs.  Why not, grannies come to work on time, don’t waste time texting and surfing cellphone at work, and most come with tons of social skills and experience.

  • Anonymous

    Dan Dicks really needs to learn to step further back from the camera when he speaks. I feel like he’s invading my personal space just watching his videos. He’s so close to the camera.

  • D

    Pierre Trudeau put affirmative action programs and “equalization payments” into the Constitution Act, 1982. They need to be repealed along with certain sections of the Charter.

  • Dave Parkinson

    The issue is not socialism vs capitalism. The issue is right vs left, and the blame game to divide those opposed to this agenda of divide and conquer based on philosophical/religious/political differences. Instead of debating which side of the fence we’re on, we need to work on tearing down the fence, not raising it, and further inflaming political tensions with the blame game of left vs right politics to further distract us from those who constructed this political paradigm that prevents rational dialogue.

    Politically biased accusations against the left or right, are merely a distraction from the real agenda that both the puppets on the left and right are complicit in as a result. If you only “preach to the converted” of your own political bias, you marginalize the ability to educate and expand your base, while falling prey to the very political paradigm of divide and conquer, that has effectively hindered the efforts of ALL people, to unite against this fraudulent system of economic and social oppression.

  • Tom Mobberley

    Canada has become the blueprint of globalism,a passive people ,who never fought for their independence,Albert Pike would be proud of his accomplishments , Globalism runs deep here in Canada, Trudope father brought this crap in with Multiculturalism to Canada ,his father was a member of the Club of Rome a secret society,wonder if he his son is one as well??

  • dckmatrixxx

    even if you did get $15 an hour will you still be getting 40 hours per week also? I don’t think so, maybe you will get 20 hours or less

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