Canadian Deficit Spending SKYROCKETS! – This Won’t End Well

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the continued raising of Canada’s deficit spending as it climbs $2 billion from its projected rate to $19.6 billion going into the 2019-2020 seasons.
According to the Canadian government, this increase in deficit spending is in order to help businesses compete on the market. Isn’t that interesting? The very thing that stifles businesses from competing is put in place to do just that! Either they need a basic economic class or they know exactly what they’re doing.
The government is great at propping up massive monopolies with regulations, taxes, legislation, subsidies, you name it. Then they come in as the “savior” and says these monopolies need to be deterred with more regulations, taxes and legislation which perpetuates the problem forever! The small businesses cannot compete against such legislation while the major corporations certainly can.
All the while, Trudeau is pushing a 600 million dollar bailout for the media, essentially buying the media, while claiming he supports a free press. Let’s remember that when Josh confronted Trudeau, the media had approached him previously at the press conference telling him he could as one of the five questions provided so that Trudeau could answer with his script. Is that a free press? Or is that complete government control over the press?
Meanwhile, Canada’s debt skyrockets and the government claims they are giving back by taking a bunch of people’s money and giving a lesser amount back to those same people. It doesn’t change the fact that the average Canadian spends more than 65% of their income on taxes when you include all of the taxes plaguing the populace. That doesn’t even include the hidden tax of inflation!
Household debt is coming up on 2 trillion dollars in the near future and Trudeau wants a thank you for bankrupting the populace.
Are you going to just stand there and complain? Or are you going to do something about it. In this video we break down the problems and then provide many solutions individuals can take to break free from this massive government and banking racket. Self sustainability is key. Do not be dependent.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • clippersncurls

    You keep suggesting everyone exercise their right to freedom however those who have taught and attempted have been thrown in the cage and when released, given the gag order or else. All this promo to become self sustainable without remedy is not helping. If you don’t have the answers, point to the “how to” to get them.

  • Robert Lefebvre

    You got it! The reason they can raise interest rates is only when the taxes collected exceed interest already being charged. They will always raise or lower interest rates to match the amount of taxes collected but always will take it all. Put another way, they will toggle between the three ways to tax you (between taxing via taxes, taxing via money creation, or taxing you with interest on money they create from nothing). That is also why they can survive on negative interest rates like in Japan. They don’t have to charge you interest because they create money from nothing. Neither do they have to tax you because they can create that money out of thin air too. And, lastly, they don’t have to charge you interest and can actually pay you to borrow their “money” because they create it out of thin air too!

  • 10tenman10

    Trudeau can’t help himself. He needs to spend (just spend your way out of recession). Because he’s a lying idiot. Just keep raising taxes, see how that ends.

  • 10tenman10

    Actually, I think you’re being polite when you explain what Trudeau and his socialist government is doing. Carbon tax is just theft. Mr Trudeau needs to go outside and make some snowpersons.

  • Jake Long

    600 million for media . Is this for tv only ? in Canada? BECAUSE it’s the worst crap in the world they put on CBC is a joke should be off the air not a ballout.

  • 10tenman10

    I left Canada 18 yr ago. The pension the Régie des rentes du Québec owes me is basically cut in half for expatriots. I guess I really never owned that money.

  • Dominic Merlo

    Canadians have that; “oh well what can you do?” attitude. Freakin’ ostrich brigade with their heads in the sand perfectly willing to get ass f**ked. Leaving Vancouver (city of robots) & Canada soon! 🙂

  • Peter Oitzinger

    Canada is leading the charge to sign up to The UN Migration Pact. Prepare to be overrun by millions of 3rd world migrants that, Canadians will have to all house and pay for. You think you’ve seen deficit spending now. “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. They (the government) control the printing presses, so you will be paying for it all by the dilution of your currency through deficit spending.

  • Erhard Dinges

    It´s all possible, only because they can create money out of thin air. A wrong system leedes toa wrong policy and vice versa!

  • Bargn

    There will be massive bankruptcies in 2019 of both households and business. In Canada, we have three bubbles set to burst, although we are better off than some Countries a correction is coming soon. We in Canada cannot afford another term for the Liberals.

  • Alan Cane

    Then a fiscal conservative comes in to try and clean up the mess, and Liberal types find another Messiah with nice hair to tell them a good story.

  • Dwayne Cunningham

    The best thing the Govt could is get out of the way… But they wont.

    Let free markets reign, and innovation will follow.

    Trudeau is a joke. Deciding your cabinet on the basis of gender is virtue signalling and illogical.

  • my2centsworth

    Didn’t I just read that Justin says the Liberal Government will pay down the debt and balance the Canadian Government books if he wins the 2019 election! He will do this from 2019 to 2023! Now! If you believe that, I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona you will be interested in buying! REALLY?? He lies like a rug! He’s a hypocrite! That little puke doesn’t deserve the respect you’d give a cockroach! Justin and his minions are literally evil and intend to destroy Canada! Please! Fellow Canadians, WAKE UP!

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