Josh Sigurdson reports on news out of Austria and The United States regarding the rise of the cashless society and the frantic push for a giant technocratic superstate by governments and banks throughout the world.
Austria wants to end online anonymity for the sake of people’s “feelings.” The problem is, such a move is futile for them as it’s absolutely not enforceable. The market is simply moving faster than the state.
Meanwhile, despite the attempt to unroll a global centrally planned cashless society and the current extent of success which admittedly is growing larger by the day, the overall push for a cashless society will fail, at least in regards to the portion of the populace that will simply not accept the complete control of their finances.
The market always finds a way. That’s why despite the push by China, India, Australia, Sweden and the United States for a COMPLETELY cashless system, the development of decentralized alternatives to the legal tender laws are growing at a faster rate. Once one understands the difference between decentralized fundamentally useful cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure technology and then comparatively the legal tender law system and the completely cashless ownership of wealth by the banks and government, then it’s easy to decide which direction to go in.
The cashless society by the state is unrolled under the guise of “convenience.” That’s what’s getting people to go along with it successfully. Meanwhile, the more convenient alternative is decentralized cryptocurrency. Inevitably, and for many reasons, cryptocurrency will win over bank and state controlled monopoly currency.
Once this is achieved, the entire system will see a domino collapse the likes of which they’ve never seen before. The information dominance of the freedom loving people of the world will overcome the absolutely destructive nature of the banking system. It’s already slowly but surely happening. They are losing their grip.

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