So Edmonton will be the first city in Canada to legalize Uber. Uber’s an excellent business that allows your average Joe to easily get a job. It’s a great competitor in the market place and will certainly help improve a transit industry that’s flawed by its very monopolized being.

Uber will begin to operate legally starting March 1st in Edmonton, Alberta. This is all good and fine. The thing is, there shouldn’t have been restrictions in the first place.
You see, this is how monopolies reign in the over regulated corporate bureaucracy we call Canada. People will blame capitalism, but this is government’s doing. Corporatism if you will.

As disgraceful protests happen throughout Canada with cab drivers attacking Uber drivers for trying to make a living using a method that far surpasses cab companies who charge ridiculous money for rides, once again due to a ridiculously monopolized marketplace, the people have spoken and they want Uber.

Here’s the problem with all of this. They use the word “legalize”. So in other words, the government is ALLOWING us a right we were born with. This is how we’ve become slaves. Legalize means nothing more than the government has prohibited a natural right, but they’ll give it back at a price.
There should be no debate. Uber has every right to function wherever they want. It’s a GREAT business and it’s about time the market place gets rid of monopolized transit (especially when it comes to cab companies) despite this still being a centrally planned BS industry.
Free the markets! Allow sovereignty! Enough cherry picking rights!

Isn’t it a natural right, intrinsic to our very being that we have the right to travel? The right to commerce?
Don’t the regulators usually talk about spreading the wealth? Isn’t overly regulating this market stopping an excellent opportunity for individuals to make money?
With the regulations, there are countless people making good money in their own time. Imagine how many people would be working without the red tape!
As for safety, if you have a driver’s license and you don’t have some crazy criminal record, what should stop you? What about personal responsibility? Voluntary action? What right does government have to protect us from our own decisions?

This word legalize comes into play in so many areas of life these days. It’s like the government having us all standing up saying we want to legalize marijuana. Well wait a minute. It’s a plant. It’s a natural intrinsic right. What right did government have prohibiting marijuana in the first place? Now they’re dangling it over our heads saying “We’re going to legalize it”. So basically they’re once again ALLOWING us a right we already had at a price. This is FASCISM!

Besides the fact that now international regulations are standing in the way of even that happening and we’ve got too much of a naive puppet prime minister to just flip off the United Nations and declare our sovereign rights. Well of course that’s part of the script.

We congratulate Alberta for getting rid of the prohibition, but I want people to realize they’re being screwed. Government monopolies like this are why we ended up with companies like Monsanto. Like Halliburton. Yes, that’s far more nefarious, but either way we’re being screwed and we’re paying for it.

Time to exert our rights people! Whether it be our right to have a lemonade stand without paying HUGE money for licensing fees, or to smoke what we want, or to compete fairly in the market place.

Video edited and narrated by Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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