Josh Sigurdson breaks down the latest news on the new reissued ‘Audit The Fed’ bill put forward by Senator Rand Paul and Rep. Thomas Massie.
After more than one hundred years of the Federal Reserve hijacking and manipulating the monetary system, devaluing the dollar, creating debt and inflation, there may be an opportunity to finally hold the private entity accountable.
While there’s no saying what Donald Trump will do as president as his points have been rather vague over time, he has actually endorsed auditing the Federal Reserve. Rand Paul has called on President-elect Trump to help get the new version of the ‘Audit The Fed’ bill passed.
Though Trump has even claimed he supported artificial interest rates in the past, even Dr. Ron Paul is optimistic as he also called on Donald Trump to support his son’s newly issue bill.
Historically, ‘Audit The Fed’ has stalled in the Senate, even under the new 2016 GOP majority, but this time around there seems to be far more hope for 2017. It’s something we’ll simply have to wait and see, but never be silent about.

Janet Yellen is panicked by the notion but her days at the Federal Reserve are numbered, and after all, a true audit could result in criminal charges against her.
The next step after auditing is ending the Federal Reserve and freeing the markets, but that’s still quite a far way away as far as it seems thus far.
Donald Trump can bring back countless jobs, cut regulations and taxes and that would be just fine, however, it’s not going to change the fact that the Federal Reserve is creating a nation of debt slaves while working with its globalist counterparts. No matter what you do to fix the economy outside of the Federal Reserve, the centralized and artificial monetary will always cause poverty, inflation and debt. So until the Federal Reserve is abolished, we will never see true free markets and prosperity.

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Josh Sigurdson

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