Meghan Markle’s CRAZY Tax Problem! – US Goes Redcoat On The Brits

Josh Sigurdson talks with Yaakov Markel about the recent news surrounding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family as the IRS cracks down on the new Duchess for living in Britain.
All of the Royal Family’s riches are now at risk of being exposed by the IRS in the United States as Meghan Markle looks to renounce her US citizenship. Complete bureaucracy reigns again.
In the end, Markle is looking at losing her entire 5 million dollar fortune as the IRS seizes her wealth and the money she’s subsidized with by the British people as part of the Royal Family. The Brits are calling this the Royal Family’s worst nightmare.
Weirdly, it’s a circular spectrum of theft. The British have their money stolen and redistributed to the Royal Family and then that money is redistributed to the US government. Irony is strong in this one.
Moreover, this is an example of what regular people have to deal with on a regular basis when trying to leave the United States. The US in the only country in the world that forces residents to pay taxes no matter where in the world they currently reside.
Yaakov talks about the absurdity of this story and how it relates to the absolute indoctrination of statism and government ownership of the populace as well as the current border issue.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • S MP

    I don’t understand how she was even allowed to marry into “The Family” while not being a Brit. What is the point of any of it.

  • Nouki Blue

    The British Royals are ABOVE the law: They are not subjected to taxation (only on a voluntary basis) and cannot be prosecuted. Meghan Markle became a member of the British Royal family, therefore is no longer subjected to income taxation reserved for the peasants of The Crown. The US is a Crown corporation, Markle is no longer a peasant of the Crown.

  • Vladimir Tess

    Guys I don’t get it. I think you’re a smart guy. But taxes are voluntary and debt will never be paid by design. Please see High Frequently Radio Channel on YouTube and let me know what you think. Am I missing something

  • Photonia Phive

    LoveLife <>So Epstein was the Clinton’s Pedo Pimp, as Protection from FBI Muller, & FBI Comey, & Miami AG,Local U Know Guns ? Professional Protection, Pimping TeenAge Girls For Sexual Trade, A Highly Criminal Illegal Federal Multiple Felonious Personal Business RICO Money Making Extortion Gang Of Elected Americans~~~DOES America STILL HAVE A FEDERAL LEGAL SYSTEM ~~~~ok where @U?So then the Clinton’s Murders …………Hope U got some L?G ………Time

  • Square Peg Round Hole

    Markle is a mixed race American. Assuming Prince Harry is the father, any spouse will, by Constitutional tradition & Law, was adopt their father’s Nationality I.e. English. The IRS hold no power whatsoever over the child.

  • Matt Langstraaat

    Non story here! HAVE you EVER met a real accountant? Obviously not! Lets see the clint in jail, and odumba swinging from wood on the front house lawn! We will even make his boyfriend Micheal watch. THIS IS ALL DISTRACTION FROM HIGH TREASON!

  • Ricko 769

    I’m in full agreement with your views on taxation etc, but if you want to come across more professionally, don’t ask such insanely leading questions.

  • Ricko 769

    Renounce US citizenship. Easy. She just needs to make sure she doesn’t end up divorcing like Harry’s Mum. If she does she won’t be needing citizenship of any country for very long. Anyone who leaves tends to become very accident prone very quickly 🙂

  • James

    This doesn’t mean a thing. The royals know what they are doing and no assists will be in Megan’s name for many years to come when they settle her in and has a child. She will give up her USA citizenship and this won’t mean a thinn

  • Nunya Bidnez

    I call BS on this whole story. The Royals know how to read that tax code and KNOW they will not have to pay taxes. Just like educated Americans KNOW they do not have to pay taxes. Example: I don’t drink, I don’t buy alcohol, I don’t pay the federal alcohol tax. I don’t smoke, I don’t buy tobacco, I don’t pay the federal tobacco tax. I don’t work for the federal government, I don’t have federal income, I don’t pay the federal income tax. I doubt she works for the federal government, but…

  • Paul Rey

    All people are DOOMED !!! If USA had not have a Government then the rest of 7.4 billion of poorer people would immigrate in the USA immediately ! There is an increase of 80million (poorer) people every year (aprox 1/4 of US population) !

  • CB

    We get rid of a govt that we sooo stupidly gave 65%+ of annual budget for war tools year after year. To get rid of taxation. first population needs to wake!! Wouldn’t that be awesome!! But once awake we would need to be on the same page, but media divides this. Face it!! We are so fucked beyond sloppy. Open air prison or death of many in order to change, in order to bring in another dictator. God damn this beast system. The age of lies!! Gold, BTC, or guns wont save shit!! when you wake up people and are ready to die for the change!! Give me a call and ill give you my life as well.

  • Americo Pedroni

    I’m sure we can all agree that taxation is theft, if that is the case why do you continue to allow yourself to be a victim of theft? Is it out of fear of bodily harm or punishment. Fear anyway you look at it is why you pay.
    Slaves pay.

  • In cognito

    lol you really think the IRS is even gonna ask the royal family to release anything …… come on dude, theres not a chance the Royals are giving up any info on their assets.

  • Ryan Dixon

    Josh lol. It took you a full minute to say “taxation is theft” then went on to move to Megan’s income and this whole taxation thing which relates to an actress in a foreign country. 1 person, in a foreign country, and you decide to act like an incel and white knight for her. Instead of picking 1 person out of a piss poor system why not educate people on how to legally avoid taxes in a corrupt system? You are just shit talking and complaining and trying to make money off of it. Literally nothing of value here

  • Ryan Dixon

    I love how this guy ads legitimacy to himself trying to be a news anchor by being the guy that wears a suit coat over a T-shirt and holds up a microphone to this other nerds face when he could easily just clip a small mic on to his shirt. Note his need to control the convo by controlling the mic.

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