What!? Self Esteem Is A Dangerous Trap!?

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  • MyFreeDeeBoer

    Bottom line is that this writer defined self esteem by things that actually define narcissism, like you said. It goes deeper however, below the bottom line into the bedrock of self.

    It is part of the world wide cultural Marxism movement hell bent on bastardising the meaning of words, weaponising them to create confusion and disillusion. making up down and right wrong. And remember, in order to control the narrative of oppressor and oppressed, you need a victim. This is how that mentality is perpetuated and maintained, bringing into the mainstream a corrupted understanding of, for example, self esteem. So that the unwary remain meek and manipulatable. This is designed to crush heroism before it can manifest in action of self realisation and courage and vision.
    The scale of this movement is mind-boggling.

  • John T

    We, all of us individually, are co-creaters of our own realities. This misinformed clown is not including GOD as the other co-creator. Those who live without a GOD co-creating in their life are not spiritual. Non spiritual people live problematic lives and cause problems for the rest of us only because they are asleep from their own divinity.

  • JP Smith

    1984. context and langage. lost. the ability to express thoughts. dissapearing. result. frustration and a loss of a sense of self.

  • The Dudermensch

    psychology was always an Illuminati project, see e michael jones. Look at the history of the psychical society and william james.

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