Why A Rapidly Ageing Public Can Lead To Drastic Economic Consequences

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about how the rapidly ageing public will lead to drastic monetary consequences as debt blows sky-high.
As John breaks down, from 2015 to 2050, the older population is due to double to 1.6 billion globally while the global population will grow by just 34% over the same period.
With 80% of the world’s elderly living in low-income countries and vast amounts of debt being left to younger people who have been largely dependent on the older generations for their own debts, this is going to be cataclysmic.

Baby boomers spend more money into the global economy than any other generation and millennials are unable to find jobs and find themselves in more debt than any previous generation.

While the healthcare industry is heavily inflated by government spending and pharmaceutical monopolies, this is going to crash at an epic scale.

John reports on what this means for us and what we can do to avoid this massive demographic hour glass.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • ON Ontarible

    Watch your step Bro, the seniors built everything, we deserve respect, we paid into pensions & we expect to receive it. When you shit on people that have nothing to live on, they will they will will rip your head off & shit down your throat just for fun today. We are the toughest generation, take care of us or your ass is grass.

  • Rose Manejo

    With automation, robotics and artificial Intelligence the need for workers is less needed . Have you taken this into consideration in your analysis ?? Just wondering

  • ON Ontarible

    Who would want to live to 120 years old? We raised a bunch of feminized children, who would want to socialize with a bunch of wimpy, whiny children?

  • ON Ontarible

    Luca Fuoco I not only have enough for retirement, it’s not in the bank or controlled by a pension fund, it’s in my personal vault not under control of Canada’s Banking Act. My money is safe. Is yours?

  • Linda Herron

    let me ask you this if the world ended as you know it right now could you survive without being able to go to your atm or your internet connection.? you talk about us baby boomers being a burden but yet we could survive with out all the electronics. Just think in what 30 years from now wonder how that generation would wonder how to get rid of you???

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