Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Moen, leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada to talk about the insanity of the Canadian crude oil market in recent days as government intervention piles up and people from both sides argue for what form of government intervention works best. The market becomes incredibly restricted and people look to that which created the instability in the first place to solve it.
All the while, there is a total control of media talking points regarding the oil sector and pipelines. We’ve seen the talking points piling up regarding the now government controlled Kinder Morgan project for quite some time. Tim Moen believes there are a lot of outside influences by people with deep pockets attempting to manipulate the Canadian populous.
From oil to debt and dependency, Tim Moen talks about the massive Canadian deficit spending and the Canadian government’s absurd claim that the spending is in order to make the markets more competitive. That’s right, the government thinks market restriction and the stolen funds of the populace is what will make the markets more competitive after years of doing just that and completely destroying market competition and innovation.
Moen talks about the culture of dependency and how it pushes people to be subservient to collectivist entities as if the state were the parents.
With that, the conversation shifts to Maxime Bernier and The Peoples’ Party of Canada which initially, there was a possibility of a merger with The Libertarian Party. Moen explains his honest thoughts on the party, Maxime’s voting record which by the way isn’t very libertarian and the concerns regarding border protection being a one issue topic of interest to so many voters as they once again look for a different flavor of collectivism to support. According to people of the right today, government completely owning land is a thing… Strange, that sentiment originates most notably in recent years from far left empires. Now the same government that created problems all over the world leading to an influx of people coming to the country is supposed to solve the problem it created in the first place by restricting access to land, completely disregarding property rights which are a basic fundamental of individual freedom over collective government rule. Great to see that Moen is truly consistent on this topic as it has claimed many on the libertarian side over the past few years especially.
With that, Tim talks about Anarchapulco this coming February and the growth of this incredible movement.

We always appreciate talking with Tim Moen! Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Tim Moen
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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