Why Is The Political Discussion So Insane These Days? – Truth Warrior Ep. 42

In this episode I discuss some interesting (to me) comparisons between religion, philosophy, martial arts, and politics and why I think there is such a divide happening between people in western countries at present. I look at it starting from the psychology and philosophy of the individual and how this permeates all the way up to the collective level. I also play devils advocate on few points in an attempt to bring some balance to my own thinking about the raging social/political/cultural/gender wars that are currently destabilizing our once free society. I compare the political spectrum to the philosophy spectrum, I discuss the dangers of extremism in all forms, and give what I feel is a unique perspective on all of it that stems from the best martial art traditions that I believe can help heal the divide when properly understood at the individual level. Oh and I also weigh in on the concept of the one world government conspiracy….

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  • 29629 68

    love it! speaking on the move. Seven Bomar enjoys that way. Its a mercurial action talking in motion. Keep it up!
    There is another level, different beings have different taste for spiritual manifestation with different digital needs. There is no neutrality, some one sets the settings, we must set it according to our level of sensitivity. Perhaps its Noah time without the flooding. But its 2 by 2 time. That’s a power that never seems to die David.

  • Steve Moyer

    I like the holistic perspective. I met a young man once who proclaimed “I hate politics.” I asked him “Do you love money?” When he affirmed that he did I then told him “Money is entirely political.” MOney is a system with a set of rules. The system and the rules are ENTIRELY political. Money isn’t natural in any sense. It doesn’t fall from the sky or grow in the ground. It is a system of social control which is entirely political.

  • Steve Moyer

    Do you think the “tyranny of money” is politically correct? What an odd question? The “tyranny of money” is the idea that money is necessary in order to have a viable society. Why? Why can’t there be TWO economic systems which cooperate with each other> After all, money didn’t come from God. We invented it and we continuously re-invent it by changing the rules. The rules need to change. The most important rule to change is the one which says “there is only one money system.” This is how we can end the tyranny. Freedom requires choice. If you have “no other choice” then you are living under a tyranny.

  • Richard Wilson

    Social media gave us the illusion that all men are equal. Truth is, most everything in our world, even the psychology of whole nations, is controlled by hidden hands that reach down from the far side of the veil… and the great masses can do little but react, in depressingly predictable manner, to circumstances thrust upon them. Our free will is mostly illusion – without awareness of one’s strings, one can never be free, yet that describes the condition of nearly all men on this planet.

  • Steve Moyer

    Imagine an economic system built on virtue. Respect is a virtue. Can you imagine a “RESPECT CURRENCY? If not, why not? Truthfuness is a virtue. Can you imagine a TRUTHFULNESS currency? We can do it. Money is just numbers in databases nowadays.
    Think about it. Money doesn’t have to be about the power of violence for the purpose of tyranny. We can do better.

  • David Whitehead

    Damn! it did it again! not sure why my titles are not working…I think I need to upgrade my software. Ah well, its just my name and social media tag.

  • Frost Hound

    Hey David! I really like what you are saying…BUT…True Anarchy just mean No rulers. You still have Natural law in Anarchy. Do no harm. Don’t steal. Don’t trespass. So true Anarchy could work just fine if people would learn it from we are small children. But i know that you know this David. I understand what you are saying man.

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