Gold Backed Cryptocurrency To Change The World Of Finance! – AnthemGold with Anthem Blanchard

Josh Sigurdson talks with Anthem Blanchard of AnthemVault and AnthemGold about the new gold backed cryptocurrency set to make the rounds this year!
AnthemGold is a gold backed cryptocurrency verified by the Hercules intergalactic value chain protocol revolutionizing the supply chain.
The gold is protected by a class 3 vaulting system. As Anthem says you are guaranteed your gold bringing wealth insurance to a somewhat speculative market like decentralized blockchain.
It is listed by BnkToTheFuture and its value is dependent on the value of gold.
Worried about holding a large amount of gold? Well this method is far safer and well verified.
As the AnthemGold website explains, gold bars are assayed electromagnetically with a calibrated spectrometer. Extensive lab testing occurs. The vault tech then uploads the lab results to HERC.

When we look at the present state of the blockchain community, there are a lot of terrible cryptocurrencies and quite a few great ones. The number one thing making the market so valuable overall is the innovation. The market must adapt for the future and grow. With AnthemGold we see the combination of two of history’s greatest monetary revolutions. Gold and cryptocurrency. This has been attempted before but never successfully and Anthem is confident that this will be successful, especially with the incredible team he has on board to push this to the next level.

He’s currently travelling the world bringing more and more people in to the mix and AnthemGold is now supported by Edge.

Anthem’s family history shows the dedication for more than half a century to keeping gold in the hands of the people and standing up for freedom against tyrants.

You can find more info on AnthemGold at their website!

Stay tuned for more from WAM at Anarchapulco!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Anthem Blanchard
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Gene Everett

    This is horrible… people are into Crypo because they don’t trust government and centralized groups. With this gold Crypo u have to trust the government mint it is stored at!!!! Is this a joke ? The gold is stores at a government mint!!!!!!

  • Gene Everett

    No gold crypto will ever take off!U have to trust the place it’s stored, the government can take the gold anytime they want

  • Adam Blanch

    America’s confiscated gold before. What’s stopping them from doing it again not like you can even hide it if you don’t hold it. Apart from that it’s a good idea

  • Patricia Brooks

    This does not solve anything. Someone holding the gold somewhere makes it insecure no matter what method is used to theoretically tag it. If the gold goes missing for any reason, it is gone. Sorry this is another bright spark duping the unsuspecting that they have some system that is bulletproof when it patently is not.

  • Jorge Manso

    What if usd, rubble, pound and so one cripto, was created..would this not take the power from all banks and governments…

  • Rupert Chamberlain

    Is this another platform, that allows a fiat trade for ‘gold’, with only an option to reconstitute your ‘gold’ back into fiat? Can the gold be delivered? If you can deposit your metal, travel and recovery our metal at your destination, that would be the real deal. NB Douche Bank failed to deliver gold on demand defaulting on their obligations. It’s no wonder people are so easily convinced that paper currencies are money.

  • sherrie gibson

    GREAT interview, enjoyed hearing the history of his family’s connection to gold and liberty, couldn’t agree more! Thank you for such a refreshing interview, both of you are so young but so smart. Kudos.

  • Voluntarist

    Zero advantage to blockchain gold over traditional physical gold assets. But you have significantly more risk due to the smaller scale. No thanks.

  • wayne mcclory

    Wow sounds good ! After the market and cryptos crash I will buy some. Thanks. Be prepared because March 26 China will kill the dollar. Own Gold.

  • Jeremiah Lim

    Bitcoin is solid but HempCoin is stronger. Bitcoin is still only a paper tiger with no use in real world. Bitcoin has no plans for crypto payment solutions for retailers. HempCoin is working on its cell phone crypto, online crypto and Visa card crypto payment gateway for hemp retail space. HempPay is competing with LitePay to dominate the crypto payment gateway. Logically, HempCoin and Litecoin will be the top 2 crypto currencies to rule the world. Buy HempCoin (THC) now before it is too late.

  • Dominic Merlo

    This is so stupid. Gold is heavily manipulated. Have you looked at the market in the past couple days as Gold is getting hammered down? This is as bad as owning paper gold. Now add their 10% premium! LAME!

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