Huge Purge On Facebook Against Free Speech!

Facebook has purged more figures they deem too controversial to be on the platform, here are the details.

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  • ladylestranj

    Only going to get worse, The Beast System IS rising – it’s right in your faces people. Stay strong, get right with God.

  • Troll Masters

    I NEVER used facebook. Not one account, I saw it for the Trojan Horse into peoples lives that it was designed to be. FUK ZUCK HE’S A CUCK!

  • Eric Linz

    Facebook is the equivalent of the Fake News MSM, but just on the internet.

    Dump Facebook, Dump Television.

  • Bangthebell benny

    I’m just lucky I’m intelligent enough to form my own conclusions and think that people who have Facebook do so because of insecurities of not knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives. Here’s a test! Ask someone who has Facebook why they have garbage like that in their lives and the answer is the same every time”,, oh I don’t really go on it that much its just so I can keep in touch with friends and know what’s happening at work!. Just go around it, you’ll find a way and you’ll find you don’t need it. I can’t believe people who have it are that stupid to trust someone that big that world governments have deep investments in and wonder why privacy is disappearing. Facebook is the worlds largest Ai learning platform. So Facebook owners, don’t bitch about Ai when you’re the one’s helping the tyrants of the world achieve their goals.

  • MrMnmn911

    This is what happens when we don’t stand as one. When we say, “I don’t agree with Alex…but…! STOP being butheads. We Are Change is next…just wait.

  • Hadoop Sd

    Ok so what I don’t get is why can’t these guys go to courts to fight anti free speech. There are courts in this country right? And they’re functioning right??? I’m not sure what’s active and what’s not anymore

  • Jacob Johnson

    I love Trump…Trump..2020…any opposition n they say this or that n ban you…its wrong..n..yeah they manipulate every yhing they can get there hands on…its to bad..the world we live in is all messed up in so many ways because of these people. ..Alex..i dont know what to think about him…i heard he was a clinton oppo research tool…but thanks our freedom of speech is the most important right to protect…Trump..2020

  • Riot Act

    The Dems know Trump didn’t get the presidency thru the Media. It was digital. This is just the beginning. Someone has to Start a new platform.

  • mike vic

    Fuck facebook Fuck Farrakhan and fuck Alex Jones they all distractions. Lol 😂 who cares about all the people that Israel and America killed in the Middle East. let’s talk about what offends you. Let’s all feel sorry for the Jews now. Everybody’s against the Jews right.. Even alex the Zionist puppet.. Farrakhan set up Malcolm X he is a Zionist Jew.. Just because you talk shit about Jews it doesn’t mean he doesn’t work for them..

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