The Final American Revolution – Why People Are Rebelling with Dr. Tim Ball

Author and economic analyst John Sneisen talks with Dr. Tim Ball in Phoenix, Arizona about why the people are rebelling against the globalist establishment.
Dr. Tim Ball goes back to the time of Pompeii and gives historical insight on why and how people rebel.
This is a must watch! Dr. Ball is a brilliant man with decades of research.
He was a professor at the University of Winnipeg where he left a massive legacy. An absolute rarity when it comes to university professors, he breaks down how globalism affects global politics, economics and the mindset of the populace.
Very few people have such an excellent wealth of knowledge on these specific subjects, but Dr. Tim Ball breaks it down with ease.

Stay tuned for much more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Dr. Tim Ball
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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About The Author


  • David Cisco

    “From bondage to spiritual faith;
    from spiritual faith to great courage;
    from courage to liberty;
    from liberty to abundance;
    from abundance to selfishness;
    from selfishness to apathy;
    from apathy to dependence;
    from dependency back again into bondage.”

    Dr. Alexander Tytler

  • ON Ontarible

    The basis of all economies is agriculture. Our great downfall is failure to
    comprehend the significance of this fact. Government spends $billions
    fighting false climate change but fails encourage & support agricultural
    diversity across Canada.

  • Gary Schill

    There may not be a shortage of water but I believe there may be a fresh
    water crisis one day. The reason will be because of population not only of
    humans but every animal as well. There are so many more cows, pigs,
    chickens etc on this planet as well as people in the last couple centuries
    and each living animal or human is a water bottle walking around. the water
    is all going to be held that way unable to be replaced until population of
    humans and animals is reduced. What is the solution?

  • Henrik Wallin

    “World Alternative Media” speaking to the man that will tell Trump how to
    run the world…

    If you win, you aren’t really “alternative” anymore. You have a name
    problem. Says I who is a member of the Pirate Party… 😛

    But great talk with the Ball. :)

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