World Government: Just A Conspiracy Theory? – David Whitehead

This is a brief clip from the latest episode of TW:
I discuss the role of the individual in a collectivistic world, the current political climate, freedom and non-aggression, the push for global government, Canadian politics, the nature of Truth and more.

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  • MyFreeDeeBoer

    If we wish to mirror nature, non-aggression is impossible. It is not so much non-aggression as it is selective aggression, mature aggression, aggression as a sober response to situations and people.
    Freedom is the right to grow and learn, and if it means we need to engage each other with aggression when the situation demands it, then we do. Caveat: aggression on its own is out of balance (extremism?) with the rest of what makes up a human being. Logic, reason, compassion, understanding, debate, instruction and deduction and many more is what makes up each moment of existence, albeit in varying degrees of presence at any given moment in time. Freedom is the pursuit of self actualisation, of self understanding and being.

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