Baby It’s Cold Outside EXPOSED! – Super Duper Offensive! (with Dan Dicks)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the recent controversy over the classic Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”
As the snowflakes melt, many television and radio stations are banning the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for being offensive and, well… creepy. The problem? It’s all subjective. Both genders have a roll to play and considering the original debut of the song, the rolls were switched with Red Skelton as he evades the advances of a young woman who tries to force him to stay. Pair that with other versions where the guy was pushy but not forceful and one could imagine that the reversed roll version was far more offensive towards men. But who cares?
The fact that the number one priority of some of these people is a song making them feel yucky goes to show just how privileged these snowflakes truly are.
Dan breaks down the absurdity of this recent controversy as a small minority of people continue to demand the mainstream muzzling of the populace while ignoring all of the real problems in the world.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Dan Dicks
Josh Sigurdson

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  • TetraDragon1

    All this PC stuff is getting out of control. If you look hard enough you can find something about anything that offends someone.

  • Michelle Hamilton

    It’s not a PC culture. It’s women not wanting to be objectified. This interview sucks. Women are tired of being scared.

  • AvarielBlackwing

    Watching the MeToo movement unfold has been a mildly heartbreaking affair (speaking as a guy). You wanna get behind the movement and rally for ’em to finally get some justice in an era where this is finally realizable, but watching the execution and relative lack of coordination it has displayed thus far just disappoints in the end. Some darts hit, but many miss. It reminds me of the growing pains characteristic of an awkward adolescence… they’ll get it right, in the end. But getting there is gonna be one helluva ride in our current super-sensitized culture.

  • chinw76

    just kill all the snowflakes and all the problems go away, then the rest of us can enjoy life. Every pleasure is being taken away, I am tired of this. Life sucks now, I wish I could go back to the 90s.

  • James the Ponderer

    Once America is gone people will regret what they have promoted but it will be too late. All part & parcel to a society in decline. Everybody is 3rd grade level mentality now; from the younger to commercials on TV. This is also the decay of our free speech. PC language is about population control. I expect to see the continued whitewashing of our country; rewriting of history books, taking down of statues and influx of illegals into the country.

  • Laura

    All these things, Rudolph and the songs you mention are pure distractions from the real things: banking cartel extorting people, taxes imposed by the government and our standard of living worldwide that is getting worse and worse. Stupid brainwashed people pay attention to these things.

  • Troy Ramsier

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, Who’s Offended ? People who didn’t brush and floss with a Great Big Smile !!!

  • Jessica Habermehl

    From the song, the woman seems to have wanted to stay, because she was enjoying the man’s company and the good times he was offering for her to join in on, and I think he recognized that; her only objection was in what other people would think about her staying, which actually does tie in to the rest of the commentary in this video.

  • Billysplinter Billysplinter

    How come no complaining about present day rap songs, because that noise doesn’t encourage anything wrong.

  • chinw76

    Well true. When the economy resets, they will just starve to death. Something to look forward to when things are bleak. I will eat steak while a snowflake starves.

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