They Are Coming For US ALL!! Not Just Online

They Are Coming For US ALL!! Not Just Online

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  • tomecalm7

    Start fighting ALL traffic tickets!!!

    Where do you think they get the money to continue their fuckery????

  • Jarod North

    Everybody should write bad review for American Cinematheque on Google Maps or any other social media platforms.

  • Adrian A

    Silence !!!!! Critical thinking needs to die, all of you will serve Critical Theory now. Repeat your SJW lines, learn them like they used to learn prayers in the past.
    P.s. David sounds British , well if he is from UK he has a front row seat to clown world indeed. Pedos in establishment, Twitter “criminals” in prison, could go on and on… knives are the problem for crimes, some personality takes a photo with british army troops, he gets banned from social media… some old lady has police “knocking door over” cuz she spoke out in speakers corner . On and on…. and on.

  • 5*Updates

    Luke has been banned off Facebook in the last couple hours. It’s happening people. We need to find decentralised alternatives to youtube and Facebook. Humanity will win. Let’s do this guys!

  • TotallyBuckRogered

    I’m almost at the point where I want to say “Give them what they want” or “Let them eat cake”. Where humanity is at right now, they DESERVE self inflicted oppression. They have a complete inability to listen, but most of all cannot grasp natural law, aka to know the difference between right and wrong. Humanity is built upon crumbling foundations.

  • Grokme Amadeus

    David would do well showing his movie in the Lone Star State. Fiercely independent and doesn’t heed federal authority.

  • TheHuidos2006

    They want sheePLE divided and distractained (distracted entertained and chained )to perceptions not of your own mind, you know so they can continue with their dirty hidden ATROCIOUS agendas conspiracies against their divided enslaved hordes and hordes of sheeple! Yet, it’s shitty when you goggle the word conspiracy it clearly states in the definition the word means to bring the shitgovernshitmentshit down, ha, ha, their bloody fucking straight out of a sort of lobotomizing shit fuck twilight shit zone shit!

  • Anthony Paiz

    When I stumbled upon Icke about 5 years ago I was a bit ostracized by close friends and family because I thought the subjects he was bringing up were very poignant, but they couldn’t bother to listen beyond a minute before they wrote him off as a loon and I was thrown in that same category. The lizard thing really pissed or repelled people , and I was and still am skeptical, but I listened. Im not one to turn from opinions or points of view until I have given it objective and passionless thought. Needless to say I have a few less friends and am distanced from family. Learning that David went for decades ridiculed and personally attacked, and the fact that I could barely stand months of the same, goes to show his inner strength. But Ultimately I had never heard what, at first listen; seemed ridiculous and far fetched, yet I had never heard something ring so true in my gut. And I was an apiscapalion in sunday school till 13. The bible never rang anywhere near the truth of what I felt when listening. Even as a child I treated the bible as a story to learn from but not a direct translation of fact. When I read some of David’s material and listened to his lectures, I was fascinated and horrified. The simple solution of realizing that just because you wouldn’t do something doesn’t mean others wont, especially psychopaths, really shook me. When the dots started being connected I would constantly find myself gasping out of eureka moments. The subject that Luke and David (both biblical names funny enough) are broaching upon is the very reason I even hesitate to write this. The fear I have been under for simply wanting to question or look into facts has made me very self conscious of what I write online. This very fact is proof of the manipulation working. Im tired of being scared to voice an opinion against the grain, because of threat of ostrization, ridicule, or defamation. Im so tired of having to tip toe around what use to be a free exchange of information but has turned into nothing but a constant monitoring device and intrusion of privacy. Im tired of running with the herd just to avoid suspicion that Im only playing the game to blend in. Thanks to channels like this, I have found a bit of solace that im not alone. Even if we are the “mental” ones in the end I can say that I have no hate in my heart for anybody, and wouldn’t presume I have the right to judge because of my own follies in life. I wish to learn through questioning and analyzing. I don’t want to lay back and give in to the (very obvious now) programming. Something doesn’t feel right and it hasn’t for as long as I can remember. I would consider myself of sound mind and reasonable, but understand much of this could be delusional, but something tells me that david is on the right track.
    Im sorry for the long Chunk of text but I really needed to express this feeling, even if it does get me flagged or ridiculed. Even if it does just go into the void, It feels good to type it out

  • Dave Harris

    Look at what’s happening to Julian Assange. That is coming to anyone in alternative media who dares to speak the truth.

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