2018 Canadian Budget Includes An International Tax Racket! – What You Need To Know!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen in this first part of a series on the 2018 Canadian budget.
In this first report on the budget, we dig into BEPS (Base Erosion & Profit Shifting), an international tax agreement put forward by the OECD, IMF, BIS and other global banking giants. We first reported on BEPS after the Panama Papers (funded by The Open Society Foundation) attempted to smear individuals attemtping to keep their money safe from theft. The script was layed out. The whole idea of the faulty leak was in order to manipulate the public into supporting a global tax racket stopping people from having safe havens for their money. Another push towards a global order if you will.
Well, sure enough, BEPS has been implemented into the 2018 Canadian budget and there’s no surprises anywhere.
John goes into all the ways it will affect Canadians and how it’s written into the budget.
The Trudeau government like any government is obsessed with theft, as in taxation. How can a coercive government function without it? Well the Trudeau government is incredibly obsessed with taxation to an extent we haven’t seen in recent Canadian history.
From the income tax to the property tax, business tax, capital gains tax, GST, PST, MST, Eco tax, carbon tax, the hidden tax of inflation, Canada is innundated with taxes. The craziest part is that the Trudeau government claims that these taxes are in place to help bring up the middle class! Double speak of course! It does the exact opposite!
They also use a lot of buzzwords like “equality” to excuse their massive theft of the populace.
This is just the beginning folks. Are you angry yet?

Stay tuned for more from our series!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stephen Williams


  • Animal Farm

    *_Bend Over Sheeple… The Government has a Surprise for You! The Red, White, and Blue TAX & SPEND, SPEND, SPEND, SPY, SPY, SPY, Gun Control, Censorship, WARMONGERING Weenie!_*

    *_There is No Better “SLAVE” than a “SLAVE” that thinks he is “FREE”! Take Back Your “Rights” and your Government! End the Police/Deep State and Make the US Constitution the “Law of the Land” again!_*

    *According to Our Government: Spying, Violence, Lying, Theft, & Corruption of Any Kind is Unacceptable in our Society… Unless the Spying, Violence, Lying, Theft, & Corruption is Perpetrated by the Government!*

    *_The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away, blessed be the name of the Government! Government begets More Government! Wake Up Sheeple… you are not Free!_*

  • Ryan Stock

    The fascists won. The American-Anglo sphere of influence has committed to a policy of reverse colonization to import a dependent voter base.

    Two words of advice: Escape.

  • Venus in furs

    thank you for finally acknowledging the capital gains tax that the Canadian goverment is applying to all cryptocurrency. I dident want to be a troll about it so I unsubscribed from your channel. please look at the bigger picture tho, who owns the crypto houses? the worst ppl ever. Trudeau is using very standard propaganda techniques, with this budget especially, by trying to trick women and natives ppls into believing that this budget is finally “for us”. as a single mom who makes very little and having scanned this budget I know that this budget is all double talk bullshit. the only numbers that make sense are the pg numbers.

  • porkchop _1975

    Lol I don’t even know what to say about this report? Is this from the school of the WWE? My god. Could you be more dramatic and inflammatory? Ahahah your so brave for calling Truduea a scumbag to his face. I’m sure all your alternative media bros loved it. Good grief. Just deliver the info and careful, didn’t your mother tell you that if you keep rolling your eyes into the back of your head, they might get stuck there? Tell you what, seeing as you are so disgusted by Canada, leave. Go to one of the myriad of countries that are really enslaved and being lead to slaughter. Get some perspective.

  • Gail Johnston

    We should all stop paying taxes to the Federal Government. We don’t need a Federal Gov’t. Biggest waste of money ever.

  • Paul N

    This is my biggest concern about globalism. All the mainstream-media reports on is how it’s good for everyone. Once the world has an agreed on tax theft rate, at what rate will it be fair? 80% rate? Sadly young brainwashed kids will say this is ok. I think it’s too late guys.

  • Old white guy

    Ummm I’m pretty sure the rich pay the bulk of the tax burden. You know this. This is why people come and go on this channel. Your messages are confusing sometimes. Pls don’t respond with one of your lil’ boy rages. Just stick to the truth.

  • Eagle Vision

    I went to a new restaurant franchise in Canada and found out the Canadian Government gave grants to brown people but no help for white Canadian businesses. I could not believe the Canadian women at this place would have been a disgrace 30 years ago. This is not going to end well.

  • Cat in canada

    Josh, that was the cringiest thumbnail pic for this video I have ever seen. It made me click super fast 🙂 I even took a pic of that pic and texted it to my sis with the words… nuff said haha

  • sunwarz

    How much tax does the average Canadian pay in his or her lifetime,even tax on your savings and property, even more tax if you improve your property, including tax on things like monthly bills, groceries appliances, junkfood, groceries, clothing, rent, housing, alliance rentals, pharmacuticles, vitamins ,aspirin, water, gas electricity, and water delivery! Then income tax, and pension and unemployment deductions, and candy chips chocolate bars, the list goes on! How much of your money does the Canadian government get in your lifetime? Its on everything even your phone bill! The tax on a 20.00 hot water heater rental is $2.70 they get it every month, that’s separate from the tax on delivery of gas and water to and electricity your door, that’s also taxed separately, just to run your unit, for your lifetime! All the gas you buy all the insurance you buy? How much have you paid in your life time? What in the hell do we have to show for it at the end of our usefulness, and what in the hell are they doing with it, where is it going, why are we in debt, Canadians pay more tax than any country in the world, why is our government keep crying there isn’t enough, why what are they doing, obviousely that can’t keep good books and budgets, we should be in surplus not debt! After all these years! We need a total restructuring of our governments and real new blood, and people who really do know how to manage and grow our tax payments, not just spend them away frivolously! We need real change! We need people in government who actually know what they are doing, not just putting a bunch of female to male ratio, or ethnic people in, we need the best most qualified for tho positions, We are a country, not a grade school classroom, where teacher says its got to be fair children, I know so and so doesn’t do it as good but we need to give the girls a chance and a turn too, you can go next time around OK! So she drops 5 pails of pennies on the floor, and the class or country has to spend how long picking them all up because she’s couldn’t do her job and lift the pennies to the table, so we suffer because she wasn’t qualified to do the job, but was only appointed because someone thought it wasn’t fair that she didn’t have a turn! This is absolutely ludicrous, what Trudeau is doing, its a nice gesture really, being a woman I appreciate the gesture, but its not practical, its not working, obviously! Its our falt, we elected a teacher, the leader of a classroom, but unfortunately, he fails at being a leader of a country, he does not have what his father had, he’s a nice guy, but not a leader!

  • Jake The Snake

    How taxes work in Hamilton: pay high taxes for things like roads, roads so bad reports of damages have soured. Hamilton raises property taxes. Spends money on methadone clinics.

  • daver5150

    Crime Minister Peter Pan and his side kick “the Moron” destroying Canada one day at a time. Enough is enough, how do we get rid of these double talking thieves ruining our country ?

  • Jacques Le Floch

    how much more taxes is needed to balance the budget? maybe it’s time to cut in certain social programs? Where are their solutions to lower taxation?

  • bornnemisis

    I suggest everyone exercise their freedom of association by NOT associating with the CORPORATE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT.

  • Benji Goldhawk

    Josh and Johnny, you crack me up.. I know these are very hard times just around the corner, but your humour really saves the day. Please continue to have some laughs, it eases my tension. Thank you. By the way, I am attempting to corner the silver market in my corner of my apartment unit.

  • Kholke Holkepolke

    It’s only major investors, bankers, and corporations that hide their wealth offshore.. So this whole narrative about government colluding with big corporations over this particular agenda, seems entirely flaud.

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