Ex CIA Director Warns Of Canadian Election Interference, Stingray Spying & Tariff’s = NAFTA 2.0?

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look out, the Russians are now apparently coming for Canada! Ex CIA director John Brennan recently made the ridiculous claim that Canada may be a target for Russian electoral interference in 2019! Meanwhile Trump seems to be using his steel and aluminum tariff announcement more as a threat to provoke Canada and Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA. Plus the Toronto Police are busted lying once again about their use of spying technologies like the stingray device. In This video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest in “What You Need To know”.

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  • Paul N

    Our entire Canadian media has been hijacked by the left. They’re simply a tool of the liberals. Like a liberal convention that has no end. And your worried about some external hacking? So the internal fix being in is no problem? Ludicrous.

  • Jim Mc Neil

    creepy joe biden said to trudope that he is their last hope….for the NWO”… trudope must be remove from office……


    In the Region of Peel, Office Ian Kosher, lied and said he was doing a R.I.D.E program by himself on the Night of Feb. 14, 2013… after pulling over another colored male just before 3am. Kosher sees me… and pulls me over and lies that he was doing a R.I.D.E program… Note: his dispatch report said he was on Traffic Duty and every stop that night was a traffic stop; including my Stop at 3:04am… The Lawyer I hired Anser Farooq, with held the Dispatch Report and delayed my case 8 times before a Trial was even Set… claiming The Crown has not give all the disclosure… but he never asked for the Dispatch report… not until Sept. 29, 2014 the Second day of an Charter Application. This is Negligence on the part of Anser Farooq, who Robbed me 10K plus… Then to cover up what he does… Farooq colludes with the Judge David Fairgrieve and Crown. Mr. R. Rota… and Somehow when the Judge was to Rule on the Admissibility of Evidence for the Charter Application for violation of my Charter rights… as the Stop was illegal and the Dispatch report proves the Officer was lying under Oath and in fact was not Doing a Legal R.I.D.E program, because a R.I.D.E program is not designed to catch one person then it is finished… Because this is what happened… Kosher Determined he was going to arrest someone and it just happened to be me… Kosher even said under Oath on Aug. 21, 2014 and Sept. 29, 2014; I pulled a knife on him and put it to his throat… but he could really explain why he only charged me with “Possession of a Prohibited Weapon” and didn’t put handcuffs on me until after the Breathalyzer test in the back seat, which the device claimed I failed… How can a Judge believe someone put a knife to a Cops throat and lived to tell about it? Doesn’t even get Beaten the HELL out of by the Cop and his Friends??????? Well Judge Fairgrieve believe the Officer… NOT so KOSHER… because when the Judge was to Rule on my Charter motion April 8, 2015, which is over 2 years and a Trial had not been completed because a Charter Application or Motion Stops the Trial, but the Judge Denied my Charter Application, Found me Guilty of all Charges and Sentenced me all on the SAME day… April 8, 2015… Anser Farooq just let it happen… but it can not happen legally… Unless I plead Guilty… which I NEVER did… because since then I have been Trying to Appeal… Superior Court has Delayed me nearly 3 years… this is Obstruction of Justice, because my Charter Rights were violated and my Constitutional Rights to have a Fair Trial… and in my Case to have a Trial… because I can not be convicted legal on a Charter application which is also called a “Voir Dire”… The Supreme Court of Canada has already Ruled on this and is a violation of the Charter Section 13… But Judge Leonard Ricchetti lied to me and said… I got a Full Trial and nothing illegal happened here… His is lying but uses His authority to intimidate me… I was Self Represented on December 14, 2017… I told him I will Appeal to the Supreme Court because what he describes violates section 13… Ricchetti then says… I threatened him in Court and On Record and if I didn’t correct his false accusation… he would have had me arrested and charged with Contempt of Court… maliciously… only Crimes feel threatened when you mention the Law… because Ricchetti knew he was over Ruling the Supreme Court of Canada just to protect his Friends and Fellow Law Society and Bar Association Members… Obstruction of Justice and Criminal Negligence is what he is Guilty of… Now the Canadian Judicial Council has dismissed my Serious Complaint regarding Criminal Behavior, which is against the Judges Act in Canada… but with no investigation… THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT.

  • Steve Virok

    Just worry about your own ass Mr. Brennan! No Russian interference needed here, we can f..k this up on our own …. as the living example can so gallantly testify for our stupidity.

  • C K

    maybe do a video that discusses actionable solutions to your fellow citizens problems!
    nothing will make average voter more nihilistic, paralyzed and apathetic FASTER then making the problem look so big and insurmountable it looks like nothing can fix it.
    If ten % of population did the following you would have a better country overnight, if every household did it, it could affect THE ENTIRE WORLD for the better

    1. Cancel your cable tv bill[internet only]
    2. delete facebook, twitter, instagram tumblr youtube in favor of GAB, STEEMIT, DTUBE, BITCHUTE
    3. close all bank accounts and trading accounts with big banks and move money to local credit unions and financial services
    4. Buy locally grown food and products only
    5. cancel Cellphone until we get secure non tracking phone service

  • Ian C

    Interference from Soros is more like it.
    If I were rich I’d have that problem taking care of quickly…
    A good stern talking-to of course…

    As for the NAU…. Only if it comes with the American Constitution, especially the first two amendments.

  • M W

    Thanks Dan.

    Keep an eye and ear out for the Canadian League of Patriots, or the League of Canadian Patriots. I haven’t decided on the name yet. A Motorcycle club, of course.

  • Motorbiketrash !!!

    If there is actual pre-election propaganda about Russian interference… You can damn well bet it’s because the Liberals know Canada wants them the fuck out of government…
    The propaganda is spearheaded by the Trudeau government. How much you want to bet this “ex-cia” phoney runs in the same circles as Trudeau and Soros.

  • Tom Hyman

    A one world government is inevitable. If they werent poisoning us with chemtrails/nanos, putting flouride in our water, putting gmo in our foods, blanketing us with radiowaves, lying to us repeatedly, etc etc etc i would probably support it.

  • The Write In President

    The March on Washington D.C. on March 22md, 2018 {has been all organized} and orchestrated OFFLINE… We say, I did NOT Vote, so you can NOT {take my} +=+ Bump Stock U.S. FLAG Person, for we {{{do not Recognize the U.S. FLAG}}} made by the FREE MASON in the ACT of 1871 after they {blew Abraham Lincolns BRAINS out} as anything more then the Enemy of our State Flags, and our {National Constitutions} from Idaho to Illinois to France to Spain to Mexico to Columbia to Nigeria, and all {these other places} / the U.S. FLAG FREE MASON Military Bases OCCUPY our countries, and your Private Contrasted PAID {Storm Troopers} who RAPE our women and children and young men… Japan {does not need} a U.S. FLAG Military Base, they are an Honorable People who the U.S. FLAG {Fire Bombed} them People in World War Two!!! Germany does not need a U.S. FLAG Military Base {when it was} the FREE MASON U.S. FLAG that murdered 2 Million Germans in CONCENTRATION CAMPS {after the War} was said to be over! You FREE MASON Lodges {spy on us in our towns} for JADE HELM 15 Operations to this day, you help and do PizzaGATE {to our kids} in our small towns, and all the way to Hollywood, and Washington D.C., And you FREE MASON {be you male or female} have this whole NETWORK where you {run our Towns and Cities} by COMMAND and CONTROL of all the Good Jobs, and City Leaderships… This is just some {of the many reasons} we march on #322 in all nations cause after the Civil War in AMERICA {that was} a FREE MASON CATHOLIC ROMAN EMPIRE WAR to make Gospel Christians {die for} the FREE MASON, these FREE MASON Lodges Members made sure all Native Americans {died by the hands} of the U.S. FLAG ACT OF 1871 FREE MASON Military, and to this day {Indians are on RESERVATIONS} when this whole continent {was their} homeland, but fear not, HOMELAND and FEMA, and the DOD {all work with} WALMART to put all of us {modern day Americans} into CONCENTRATION CAMPS once more… The U.S. is on your sons and daughter {in the U.S. FLAG Military} cause there is no USA Lapels, and we ALL NOW SEE our 50 States are UNDER {Occupation and Subjugation} by this Illegal U.S. FLAG {of the} FREE MASON Lodges in all lands… The Write In President of the WORLD REPUBLIC… ///|||\ = Resist! +=+ / #322

  • Bruins4FreeSpeech

    All kudos for this excellent post. So many fine contributors take so much time getting to the point. You are lucid and articulate. I have personal experience with the Anaheim, California PD’s use of Stingray. In 2015 the APD was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union for it’s use of Stingray technology. At first APD denied using the technology, then admitted it’s use but maintained it did not have to disclose it’s targets or findings. The US Justice Dept sided with APD. That same year I texted my wife about the UCLA football score. They were way ahead and I texted that they should just call the game because it was “murder”. Next time I opened my phone, APD cell was displayed. News flash APD: actual criminals don’t use the word “murder” in text messaging. Not a joke when you consider this illegal dragnet includes everyone who has ever visited Disneyland Thanks again

  • D B

    Yet the rcmp , csis, nor any other police force fail to warn Canadians or admit of George Soros election interference. On the payroll

  • Cat in canada

    It seems to me the muslim brotherhood is a bigger concern these days then any russian propaganda. Selection was an accurate word usage. If justin gets cornered like a dog he will just lay down roll over and pee on himself.

  • Iaman Empoweredone

    Stingray is old technology still being used. Look up wifi imaging if you want to know what the state of the art surveilance looks like. Lidar, widar, etc.

  • Rocko Ca

    I don’t always agree with you but on the Nafta subject and one North America I do agree . This has been happening for years .

  • Maegan Laporte

    Great video and I have to laugh at the CIA talking about fake russia election interefence when the CIA themselves have had a history of overturning elections remember iran 1953, or when they overthrew Cambodia and that led to the unfortunate rise of Pol Pot and the Khamr Rouge so they can keep their hypocritical mouths shut on that issue along and as for the spying by the toronto police well I can say I am not surprised by anything regarding that and there does need to be accountability for illegal spying but as we know there never is unfortunately

  • edwin gratto

    There has never been a real Russian threat that was just a scam to keep the money rolling in remember the Russians are coming the Russians are coming , what a joke .

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