Tensions Rise Between Russia & U.S. Following Further Sanctions! – Deep State In Action!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the ridiculous further sanctions put on Russia as the global deep state presses harder and harder to cause instability between the countries and lead the countries into war.
All members of the Senate from both the Democrats and Republicans supported the new sanctions except for of course Senator Rand Paul as well as Mike Lee (R). Chris Van Hollen (D) abstained.

And you can’t make this stuff up…
Known as “the Crapo Amendment,” after Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, the measure was endorsed by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) and ranking member Ben Cardin (D-Maryland).

These sanctions are being put in place in retaliation for the supposed collusion and meddling in the U.S. 2016 presidential election, despite zero evidence other than the word of the CIA and FBI who are known for perpetrating the biggest lies in American history.

Then there’s the “Reality Winner” leak which smells more like a psy-op than anything considering the absurdity of the pretext.

Now the deep state, AKA the CFR, Trilateral Commission, United Nations and NATO have been wanting a world war with Russia for a long time.

They’ve done everything in their power through the military industrial complex to aggress against Russia and cause instability.

They’ve used false flags, economic attacks and even monetary false flags including the Soros funded Panama Papers leak last year which pushed to create an international tax system.

While I’m no fan of Putin as I’m no fan of government in general, Putin correctly pointed out in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly that if you put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, the U.S. has meddled in an election there.

There’s literally no country safe from U.S. meddling.

Hillary Clinton wanted a no-fly zone in Syria which would include shooting down Russian planes. Trump was at first resistant for such a crazy idea but his cabinet has embraced the idea as a possibly applicable implementation.

Senile old man, John McCain has been quite supportive of war with Russia as well.

Hillary Clinton took about a quarter of her campaign money from Saudi Arabia, the country with the worst human rights record on Earth and THAT’S not collusion?

Then again, Trump just signed a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia, so that comparison is out the window…

This story paints a clear picture of REAL collusion. The collusion of the Democrats and Republicans together working to enslave and extort the public while destabilizing the world.

This it a problem of statism and statism can’t be solved with more statism. Big or small collectivism won’t change the problems of collectivism.

We either have absolute unfiltered freedom, or we are enslaved. Pick one.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Fight the Ruling Class With Kunal

    Congress is openly working for the deep state here. These sanctions include provisions to prevent the president from removing sanctions on Russia.

  • harry viking

    who does these americans think they are!! the criminals are at it again! lets boycot these Us criminals! they have all lost contact with reality…..screw them !!

  • realapoc

    were done. The herd is to far gone to unite and fight government, to sick, addicted, brainwashed and zombified, good job world mob bastards, to think that a handful of devils are raping a whole civilization.

  • sunwarz

    This is is all based on bullshit no fact, how can they make these discussions on no facts ,they keep saying anonymous sources, you can’t bully Americans into siding with the globalists just because the globalist owned media says its so, its all bull crap and people are getting very angry listening to all the shit spewing out of news talk shows and a lot of FM radio! Its past absurd now and creating rage, just who do these people think they are anyways! They are at war with the population of the world, for total submission, they really are doing all this, when do people just stop obeying and gather together and begin to think for themselves, this is a globalist coup against the world not just any one country, people have to unite against them, they have obviousely have planned this and still have plans, what does the other side have. not even a contingency plan and they are, coming after your weapons, your children, and will destroy all infrastructure, free speech, communications, economy, fuel supply’s, water supply’s food supply’s and the global economics, its already happening, right now! These are all actions of War!

  • Ruth Cares

    So very true Josh Sigurdson.
    Russia is no geopolitical enemy, but a strong enemy of the deep state & the Rothschilds in particular.

  • Free That's funny

    Pathetic! They just can’t stop finding a bogeyman to fight! War and overthrowing governments is all the US government seems to know! I feel sad for my personal friends in the US. Sadly my government is run by a feminist, globalist, Jihadist pos! Wish we could whip them all out and start over! ??

  • UniDeathRaven

    Like Putin gives a fuck? He has entire Asia with several billions people to trade and live. Who are USA? 300mil people who shit 24/7 under Russia doorstep ? for like what, 100 years? kkk. Whoever controls Asia controls planet earth.

  • james williams

    Putin is getting tired of the goddamn Rothschilds. The murdered the last Czar, now they want Putin dead. Putin is nobody`s punk.

  • John Adams

    Of all time and the way our societies are and with the internet info we have.I find it hard to believe these idiots would dare go to war with a superpower especially since china ,iran,north korea india and possibly pakistan would back russia and I believe more countries would go against the U.S. like the Philippines.I think that would be the downfall of this corrupt police state that is the bully in this world.Fuck america’s deep state.We don’t want a war with russia or anyone else period.

  • John Adams

    America politically is becoming and has been the bully in this world.It a shame but I believe its gonna be its downfall.Russia ,china and many more countries that will join them will fight this great whore called america and it will fall just like all other evil empires has in the past

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