The TRUTH About Open Borders Vs. Closed Borders! (With Adam Kokesh)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Adam Kokesh about borders!
Now it’s important that those who disagree listen and give us their thoughts, but as voluntaryists, of course we are for open borders. However, one should not mix up open borders in a voluntaryist society and controlled divide with open borders in a globally government (globalist) society.
Let’s look at both the logical and moral side of this argument.
From the logical perspective, the US government has attacked countries over seas, made more enemies than they stopped, armed those enemies, created more conflict, divided people through the media on the cultures in those conflict zones, perpetuated the problem and then brought many people who can’t exactly conform to western society into the US and put them on welfare, more welfare than the average person born in the country.
So of course this is an organised collapse.
Now if individuals within the US could properly arm themselves, this could not possibly be a problem. A well defended populace is a populace that cannot be coerced, but people or government.
This in essence is part of the logical argument.
Then for the moral argument, if someone owns a property and asks a friend from overseas to come hang out on their property or even live there, the government has no right to tell them they can’t live there. It is entirely immoral, coercive and wrong for government to restrict the freedom of movement of so-called free individuals no matter what plot of land they are from.
When it comes to your property, you can stop people from coming on it, but you can also bring people voluntarily to your property without government stopping you or the person in question.
To use issues like “This could happen” is to be preemptive. That’s what got the US into dozens of countries overseas and what has lead to prohibition of things like cannabis as well as gun control.

Let’s get real here. Applying the same types of “solutions” over and over again just creates a Hegelian Dialectic of “problem, reaction, solution, repeat” and it never ends.

The problem comes from government. Government will not fix the problem.

Adam Kokesh breaks down this argument well and also goes into his time in Iraq, his upcoming book and of course his “Not For President” Presidential bid!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Adam Kokesh
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