Why CNN Really LOVES The Facebook Bans

CNN is overjoyed with the recent developments at Facebook!

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  • DaddyAl37

    I stopped using Facebook some time ago as I didn’t like the direction Zuckerberg was taking it. Zuckerburg needs to be baned from earth.

  • Skip- Ad

    Why are we still giving FB any oxygen?
    Who cares about it!
    Just ignore it and it will go away. FB is not a necessity.

  • gwen witt

    Shameful Facebook allows soliciting of children but censored people who revealed truth of the crimes of left

  • johnny6148

    Facebook just more jew control of america ’cause they know the truth continues. all platforms OK just truth about jewish agenda not allowed.

  • David E. Burden

    Seeing the smirk on Oliver Darcy’s face during that was quite an experience.
    It makes the dark side of me want to smash his face to the point he could never smirk again. Of course I would not actually do that because I learned years ago to control my dark side instead of allowing it to control me.
    On the other hand, the lighter side of me just wants to ship him off to some deserted island to live all alone where he couldn’t influence anyone ever again.
    I would hope he would have lots of companions though, the kind he couldn’t con into believing his brand of propaganda. Fellow occupants like Crocodiles, Coral Snakes, Fire Ants, and Scorpions.
    If it was mandatory that he had to have human companions, I would be okay with Mark Zuckerberg, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienstien, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Potok, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and others of their ilk joining them, (Hey, Crocs gotta eat ya know), so long as they had no contact with the outside world. Joe Biden could be assigned the job of sailing a log raft back and forth to the island to ferry supplies to them.
    *EDIT:* Trump, on the other hand, isn’t going to do a damn thing unless Netanyahu tells him to.

  • oicub2

    I’ve been on YouTube since day one. I’ve been here since Google video. Just about everyone I know is gone. The day Google bought YouTube they started deleting people. They’ve been ramping up and fine-tuning this process every since.

  • zoidsoft

    Why don’t all you popular content producers join together in opposition to this action? Get together among yourselves, Joe Rogan, WeAreChange, Dan Dicks, Jeff Berwick, etc and just take all your followers with you to DLive and other decentralized platforms. I already ditched Twitter and FB due to the brain drain. All the smart people are on the decentralized web. I still have a YouTube account and Google email, but that’s about it. Those are next to be deleted. You’ll see me on protonmail.com

  • beo wulf


  • DeeBoyNYC

    We here in the USA is the final stand for free speech in the world. We lose it here and the rest of the world is effed!

  • Leane Staab

    Its so nice of fb to protect us from dangerous rhetoric Assholes!! I haven’t been on fb for a long time I hope somehow someway Mark F*****berg goes broke!! Hit him in his pocket!

  • Mr Bojangles

    Facebook promotes Islamics and pedophiles, but bans independent media. Maybe it’s time to opt out of the lifelog project.

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