Josh Sigurdson talks with Sterlin Lujan of about how to achieve anarchy without a single shot fired.
For a millennia, people have always reverted to revolution rather than evolution. This has continuously lead to the rise of new empires like Stalin and Mao. What if the market could decide the fate of freedom? In the modern age, it can.
With the rise of cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain infrastructure technology, we are for the first time seeing real solutions teamed with the age of information. With a competing currency system outside of the US world reserve currency system, we can overthrow the banking system and much of the control the state has over the individual. Secondly, the infrastructure of blockchain technology also allows for the market to replace basically every function of government with decentralized solutions. Imagine basic income or health care without the use of extortion.
With all of this said, many would be concerned by the complete lack of education we see today, with complete indoctrination from the public school system as well as the media. Well worry not. People do not need to be entirely educated and on the same page for the change of the guard. Regardless of the public view. Regardless of the flavor of collectivism people are fighting for, the blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrencies of the world will develop. Without people attacking each other, this technology will replace what we have today, simply by efficiency and convenience.

Of course we should always be weary of the term convenience as much of the tyranny of the world comes to us under that thin veil. It’s simple… Understand the difference between centralization and decentralization. As governments of the world attempt to create a centrally planned cashless society and desperately try to stop the decentralized currencies, it is quite futile and far more of a short term problem. The government is always less efficient than the market as the market develops and creates solutions for government on a regular basis. Laws cannot stop ideas, they can only temporarily slow them down.

We appreciate the great work of Sterlin Lujan and his thoughts on this evolving market. We can be free, we have solutions, the future looks bright.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Sterlin Lujan
Josh Sigurdson

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