On September 21st, 2015, Kerri Irvin-Ross came out from behind the doors of the Legislative Building to shake a few hands at a fast (hunger strike) that was happening outside on the east lawn against CFS abuses. For a long time we’ve tried to get in contact with her but have constantly been thrown at her assistants. Phone call after phone call, e-mail after e-mail, Wendy Bowcott (of CFS You’re Fired) even wrote a book, but still nothing in response from Irvin-Ross. There were a few events she was supposed to appear at but she cancelled without letting anyone know and ended up disappointing many who came from out of town to see her.
Josh Sigurdson and Wendy Bowcott among others who desperately wanted to ask her questions confronted Kerri Irvin-Ross on Wendy’s horrible issues with CFS and how her life has been destroyed at the hands of CFS as well as her complete inaccessibility despite being a public servant. Kerri Irvin-Ross gave us the same non-answers Premier Greg Selinger always gives us which is probably why she got the promotion of Deputy Premier as well. In Some cases she completely ignored the questions. She then went and shook a child’s hand and went back inside the Legislative Building. As Wendy Bowcott pointed out, she’ll shake hands with a child with one hand and apprehend them with the other.
90% of children in care are first nations.
CFS profits from apprehensions.
CFS takes children away with great detail or reason. For example, a parent smokes pot outside while their child’s in bed. A parent can’t speak english in full. A parent is low on cash.
There’s no recourse for the parents and the state kidnaps the child and profits off the head. It’s a disgrace that such a thing exists in modern society but it’s going on all over the world and it’s time people stand up against it en mass.

Video shot and edited by Josh Sigurdson

Kerri Irvin-Ross
Wendy Bowcott
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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