Josh Sigurdson calls out movie “star” Ashley Judd for claiming emojis are racist. In her opinion, yellow generic emojis are actually white and you have to scroll to find the black emoji (which stays black once you press it once). One of the many problems with that logic is that you have to scroll to find the white emoji too. Not to mention that the yellow emojis are supposed to represent all races.
The fact that these SJW tools are raising the level of victimhood and white guilt to now claiming emojis are racist for being yellow and not black is a clear sign that their movement is quickly dying. Even liberals are sick of this nonsense. This is why Donald Trump won the election, PC freaks like this. Arrogant, snobby, aristocratic Hollywood celebrities that think they speak for everyone. The only good lines they speak were written by other people and they should stick to reading them.
While only a small number of people act in such an absurd manner, the media and state prop them up as it benefits their control complex. The more weak, irresponsible and dumb the populace, the more people will fall into absolute subservience.

We were going to give the award to Meryl Streep this week but we didn’t want to give her yet another undeserved award. Ashley definitely won this one.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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