The Impending Fracking Bust – How Debt Created and Destroyed the Fracking Industry.

John Sneisen and Tim Picciott report on the North American Shale Oil Boom and Bust. As a Bloomberg article goes into Pioneer Natural Resources Company is struggling and are asking one-third of its management to retire. The Shale Oil Boom and now impending bust as oil prices struggle to recover back up to profitability is hitting the hydraulic fracturing oil extraction businesses hard. The struggle to be profitable and with mass amounts of debt and long bond issues, the fast depleting wells are struggling to give investors and companies a return on investments.

Environmental issues are another problem as well for the sector and have not helped the industry at all.

With cheap debt, this was made possible, but with interest rate increases and the lack of profits, the most fracking companies are in deep red as debt is propping them up into a zombie state. It seems like the monetary drugs have run out and the impending big bust is coming to the sector that made the US the top oil producer in the world.

They also go into how it’s not only shale oil and gas that is having issues, but also other sectors that have borrowed cheap money and can only afford to pay the interest on their debts. There is over 15% of corporations in the United States that only pay interest rates, and they are called zombie corporations, but it doesn’t stop there. Almost all of the world governments are in the red as well.

We also report on how CNN is in the category above and welfare of debt and corporation pouring money into the company from debt-ridden corporations on their death bed. CNN had to let 300 employees go as we see mainstream media with fewer and fewer viewers are getting outcompeted by small and effective independent alternative media.


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  • Hangemhigh77 7

    The frackers off load the toxic by-product of fracking. Huge open pools of extremely toxic lakes that would take an entire superfund to clean maybe half of it. Irreparably polluted water tables, what is the cost of that? Massive roads to nowhere. ALL these are actual and inherent COSTS of fracking. But in the end the fracker just folds his tent and goes bankrupt and leaves. He keeps all the profit and the insanely costly mess is left for the taxpayer. The government and banks know this, they take a percentage of the profits. Then when it all goes bad the politicians tell us they’re gonna fix the problem by taking our money, and who could have known? THEY DID. These fuckers are supposed to protect us from this bullshit. So I would say the FIRST thing we do, is HANG THESE FUCKERS. It won’t fix the immediate problem but it sure as Hell may fix any future problems. So what’s the REAL cost of the oil they produce? If they had to cover their REAL production costs INCLUDING environmental recovery the oil they produce would cost 10 times what a barrel costs today. But our corrupt GOVERNMENT allows this shit so they can all profit. Meanwhile interest rates are low so these guys can borrow money cheap and buy their own stock presenting the illusion of success while gaming the system so they can pull every last dime out. Then when it finally collapses the only thing left is a dry husk of a body sucked dry, nothing. They need to be hanged. These are crimes against nature.

  • Eric Smith

    Hey John it looks like you gained some weight recently… sorry but I could not resist and had to let you know. I still like your content 👍🏻

  • Hangemhigh77 7

    What the government, bank’s and fracker’s business model is actually called, is a “RACKET.” A racket is an illegal and/or an immoral enterprise that an entity engages in for self enrichment. Or in other words FRAUD. What is the “business” of America? FRAUD. Fraud is the business of America.

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