Trudeau’s Approval Rating PLUMMETS! – Could This Be The END Of Justin Trudeau?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Trudeau’s all-time low approval rating! From a 46% approval rating last December to a 35% approval today, it doesn’t look good for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Most people cite the massive deficit and absolutely enormous taxes as the reason they do not approve of Justin Trudeau. And the best part? Only 8% of Canadians “STRONGLY support” Justin Trudeau while 39% of Canadians “STRONGLY disapprove” of the Liberal Prime Minister.
The poll was conducted by Angus Reid.

Here’s the issue… We all love to bash Trudeau and for good reason. His colorful socks, his “peoplekind” comments, his carbon tax, his crazy spending, his over all cringey persona, but in reality, the GOVERNMENT itself should have a low approval rating. Government always grows regardless of the party. It is cancer. It is a racket. It is the control of the populace collectively. It is the extortion of the masses. It is the motive of the state to make you dependent on the state. Trudeau can hardly tie his own shoes. He’s not the one “in charge.” This goes a lot deeper than nice hair Trudeau. This is about individual freedom vs collectivism.
So while people find new ways for government to fix the problems of government which by the way has never worked going back to ancient Greece for the thousands of years this has been tried, the real answer lies with the individual.

Don’t forget. You are free. The government cannot give you freedom, it can only take it away from you.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • QuickDraw Mcgraw

    I don’t believe the poles are accurate. He is probably more like 15% and if his poles are that high it only shows how many traitors we have among us. All globalists are traitors.

  • T Hambone

    Why do we allow people who SUCK off the government tit to vote? This is a conflict of interest, and you end up with these weak beta ‘males’ like Justine Trudeau handing free shit out like the communist handlers want him to. We need to grow our collective spines to rid ourselves of these pathetic parasites.

  • 15past2

    The problem is that political groups such as the Canadian Action Party who expose Government Globalist crimes get absolutely no press and are forced to fight to keep their jobs because of the zzzz globalist attacks!

  • TheRantingCabby

    Bottle fed bureaucratic baby that is living out some fantasy of political correctness turning the country into some SJW utopia while being Prime Minister. It’s like taking some disenfranchised feminist snowflake university student and telling them to run the country.

  • J.M. B.

    Love this video, especially the part where you call that rothchild puppet a scumbag!! That is truly rich. 🙂 We, your southern neighbors, say: Thanks, man!

  • Sue Smith

    Good for you calling Turdeau a scum bag, which is being too kind.  Now he has signed the UN migrant pact giving more rights to what I call, not the newcomers but, the freeloaders.  An elite globalist bankrupting Canada and brining it to 3rd world country status.

  • Greg Piitz

    The only party left to vote for is the New Party Of Canada. Vote Maxine Bernier because Liberals are useless and the conservative party seam to have Trudeau as a partner in a lot of there polices and he is not giving much of a leadership roll on saying he would reverse all of the damage the Liberal party has done to Canada in the pass few years. But Maxine Bernier has said what he would do if he got elected. These should be a no brainer vote. I truly believe Maxine would be the better Prime Minister then Trudeau and Shear.

  • armynorb

    We, as Canadians, MUST keep that RETARD in colouring books and crayons so as to keep his attention away from the damage he appears to want continue to foist upon Canada!

  • Mallus Darkblade

    Does it really matter? The sheeple will vote in the conservatives next and the same shit show will start all over again…

  • Michael Zimmermann

    Big deal, you think the PC leader is anything different?
    When will you stupid people wake up and figure out a kick in the nuts is a kick in the nuts no matter who does the kicking.
    Wake me up when you idiots finally figure out that any government is the problem, not this or that government.
    I’d swear human beings are just retarded!!!

  • NinjaDude650

    Everyone watching this video, do not vote liberal, their agendas are clear and treasonous! Wants to bring millions of NON Canadians reaping OUR benefits, really these people get 3-5 k a month while our government bitches about real Canadians when we need the support, look at our veterans ! Get the fuck out Trudeau this Canada ?? NOT EU

  • ch m

    I disapproved from day one, when his gov’t was FANATICALLY rushing to bring in as many refugees as possible. It appeared to be their main objective!!

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