Canadian Economy In DANGER Of CRASHING Warns BIS! – What You Need To Know!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent warning by BIS (Bank For International Settlements) that Canada is one of the 3 most at risk economies in the world!
Alongside China and Hong Kong’s economies, Canada is in danger of a massive banking crisis.
With maxed out credit cards and high debt levels, we’re on the verge of the inevitable.
All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. While the fundamentals are off the table due to the level of manipulation and it’s impossible to put a date on the collapse, we know it has to happen which is why we need to warn people about the unthinkable debt levels and potential for inflation to go sky high.
Average Canadian household debt all together just reached 1.8 trillion dollars! That’s $22,837 a person!

So being financially responsible and self sustainable couldn’t be more important in this day and age. This is why individuals must be independent free human beings and not depend on the government and central banking system which benefits from their servitude.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this ever growing story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Mark Foreman

    Gasping for air? More like the old saying. Place a frog in boiling water and he will jump out. Place a frog in cool water and slowly raise to boil and he will cook not realizing what happened.

  • Charles H

    It would have been interesting to hear you say what the impact on the U.S. would be if Canada’s economy did in fact crash. What could we expect here in the U.S.? Thanks!

  • Cat in canada

    Problem reaction solution….and REPEAT. Trump is putting the screws to the chinese and canada is so up the chinese ass we can no longer see the light of day or breathe so of course if it becomes an economic war with china, canada will suffer hugely. Thats what happens when you sell out your country to a foreign entity!!!!!

  • Shawn Bradley

    “Canada” the corporation doesn,t want individualism, they despise it and always have. A free mind is a self sufficient individual and then won,t swallow all their bullshit.

  • str8cndian

    who fkin cares,, canada sucks,, it’s not a free country, bankrupt now,, i mean really? why are we here? there is nothing left to fight for! the place is doomed and gone, and it sucked anyway. i’d luv to escape this communist dictatorship.

  • havikshorst120

    Be safe , buy PM s while they are still affordable , it is getting out of control >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Debbie Jo

    What about USA? Don’t the situation look worse in USA than China, Hong Kong? Now more and more countries are accepting the Chinese Yuan, but dumping US treasuries and avoiding US$ for trade. New systems are set up for trade settlement using currencies outside the US$. Look at how your retail sector is collapsing. Look at all the bankruptcies in 2017? USA is no longer big buyers of anything. US housing market, stock market, bond market, auto loan market, student loan market, consumer loan market are all in bubbles and ready to burst. US$ dropped 97% of it’s value since 1917. Now with most of the world waking up, more and more countries are avoiding US$ as medium of trade. What more, many countries are not buying US treasuries and are dumping them. I last heard, GM set up another factory in South America somewhere investing a billion dollars. This is recent.
    You open your eyes and look at the facts. In business world, isn’t it a common practice of management of any companies to maximize profits for the company they work for? Aren’t management accountable to stock holders primarily? If a person open a shop or start a business, isn’t it true the primary goal of the entrepreneurs are to make gains and profits for themselves? So moving businesses anywhere, whether it be outside the original State or outside the country of USA or even outside the continent for that matter is really a regular, ordinary business decision. If the main goal of businesses/entrepreneurs were to create jobs then yes, it is illogical to relocate businesses elsewhere causing unemployment. But ask all owners of businesses what motivate them to start a business in the first place. Was it to earn more money primarily or just to create more jobs? I am sure the former reason stands out as the primary reason. Even in business schools and universities, we emphasized maximization of profits, isn’t that right? So whatever decisions the CEOs made conform to the usual basic objective and direction to maximize profits. China or the Chinese or any other countries that US businesses relocated to, for that matter, did not point a gun onto the heads of the CEOs forcing them to move their businesses to China or their countries. So blaming China or any countries seems to me a wrong direction and action. Think of it, now China’s cost of production are not as competitive as before, many foreign production facilities and businesses are also leaving China for places like Vietnam, Sri lanka, India, etc. Now using your mentality of job loss, does that mean that the Chinese have the right to blame it on these countries with cheaper costs as well? I believe that the whole problem is about competitiveness in ability in maximization of profits. Americans lose jobs because the country lost it’s competitiveness. Businesses are not stationary. They move to places that gives them the most advantages. Some countries might offer tax holidays for the first 3 years of operation. What are these countries doing? They are really increasing their competitiveness. Right? So my opinion is, regardless of how painful the unemployment situation may be, the decisions of moving the businesses elsewhere, not necessarily China, can be anywhere, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Sri lanka, Philippines, somewhere in Mars even, is an ordinary, business-oriented decision which is based on all basic, usual training and teaching of every American business schools and universities. It is unfortunate and painful, but who’s to blame? I feel that this is an educated argument on my part. Yes. I’m not saying that this argument will fix things for the economy, nor will it alleviate the sufferings of those who lost their jobs. I just want to offer a non biased, educated view on the matter. Heated arguments, cursing and threats does not give you jobs back. Neither does it focus you on recognizing the true reasons behind job loss/relocation of businesses. And I can almost tell you that most of the lost jobs will not come back. Mind you. I say lost jobs. I did not say relocated businesses. Some of the relocated businesses might come back but they will not hire as many people because a lot of the tasks will be taken up by robots, not by people. So by then you can put the blame on robots, not any country, nor any people or race, but robots. That is the only way businesses can compete with one another and that is the way to maximize profits. Bear in mind, it has never been the ultimate goal of any entrepreneurs/businesses to create jobs. No! It’s all about making more money. Without this motivation, no entrepreneurs will invest. Fact is fact. This is also human nature. Just ask yourself, if there’s no money to be made, will you risk your own money to open up a business just for the sake of creating jobs?! Truth is the truth. Yes, it’s unfortunate. It’s also cruel but, face it, it’s a fact. So crash in economies are unavoidable. But it’s biased to name only China, Hong Kong and Canada as the three main places where economies will likely crash.

  • Tracy Gill

    Time to upset the evil Liberals’ agenda. Fight to get Turdeau out NOW before 2019. April 2, shout loudly and don’t stop til they are defeated.

  • mikebtko

    After ‘Hurricane Maria’, rich, Northeast/New England people rode through our pueblos in Puerto Rico. One guy was passing out ‘old money’ $20 bills. He even gave me a ride to the Puntas, for a Red Cross Meal-Drop. But he got sidetracked, with plans for ‘partytime’ later on. And he left me halfway to the food ‘drop-off site’, on the side of the road. He’s even got a gym/martial arts studio, here.

    He drove a brand new, huge SUV. They really are like the new ‘Chariots’ and ‘WWI & WWII-Boot Stomps’ in their times. It’s like riding through a former dying Roman Empire Territory. It was disheartening. He was laughing at our little Puerto Rican folks. For being ravaged from years of living in just a soley party town. With no real new innovation, and businesses, utilizing its natural wealth of solar energy, and tons of its other renewable, local energy resources. Just ‘Vice, and Foodies’. This New Yorker was touting ‘911 Propaganda Bullsh*t’, as for the reason why him and his men were so suited for helping our ‘citizenry’ out with some of these ‘quick-$20 bills’..

    There’s a little native Puerto Rican boy named Joel in our town, he’s a 11 years old. About
    5 months ago, he asked me if I was here to help him. I knew what he really meant. Because he always comments on my bikes when I see him. I said, “Yes, I promise to try…” So I try. They really don’t want toys, video games, candy, space bullsh*tters, liars, etc. Or even a daily celebratory drinking, and huge platter of food, like every night is party night. They want to learn something real, and authentic in their homeland now. We are all needing authenticity in our lives. We are tired of being lied to! Many children have some of the healthiest Pineal Glands developed, only to be discarded…

    And our children should learn renewable technology from childhood and shouldn’t have to learn valuable technologies as young-adult ‘Debt Slaves’. Like the real Nikola Tesla envisioned. Because by then, there will be even more advancement in technology to learn. And by then, there will be further ‘Debt Slavement’ to incur. Because the ‘usury issue’ still has went unresolved and not confronted with honestly. We need to lift the veils on ‘Usury’ for good, no more childish ‘peek-a-boo’ with this insanity…in all our ‘Mammon Societies’. The sh*t is tired! An honest discussion, and a continued dialogue, about this insidious practice, starting in their youth. If we don’t, we’ll always have an unnecessary, diseased, poisonous, self-destructing society. Just trying to shekel each other to an early death..

    I’m from the former ‘Vice Capital’ of the world, Los Angeles, California. A wasteland of so many lost souls, chasing more vain, futile, disillusionment. Now U.S and many cities are desperately scrambling for HighSpeed Rails and lightweight electric transportation. Because there are times of the day, their freeways, and their streets become a congested parking lot for hours. They did the opposite thing there too. They stay to pay off the incurred car debt at jobs they can’t stand, jobs from previous century’s business model. Sadly, like we’ve done everywhere in the U.S., to destroy ourselves…

    I’ve been hit by a car here 3 times already, while riding my bike and walking. Fortunately, the walking one, just crashed into my arm and broke off the car’s side mirror. And all these cars just become an-eye-sore, stripping your towns of culture, and all its creativity.

    The dying Empire, their cars, their ‘Chariots’ first. Their Infrastructure-Transportation-Logistical-Ecological-Peoples’ Concerns’ later. Yes, all for Empire. And ‘Empire’ is dead, there’s nothing left of it but ‘cruelty’ to complete its peoples destruction…

    Please Take Note: De Niro really took advantage of their Hurricane Irma disaster. Native Puerto Ricans need to be vigilant now, after Hurricane Maria, to create something more special … These people are ruthless vultures. It wouldn’t surprise me if their planned takedown of U.S coincides with all their recent island heists.

    Same set up every time. They install their electric grid, (instead of free-energy, renewables for locals) cars, golf courses (aka ‘A land grab within a land grab’, like golf resorts in South Carolina’s Hilton Head, locals can’t see their ocean for miles), same, same, same etc., Same controlling sh*t over and over again!  It always becomes “The Walmarts of Tropical Paradises”, and why you stopped visiting their last ‘Wal-Mart Tropical Paradise’!!!

    Left-Wing De Niro said he “wanted to punch Right-Wing’ Trump in the face…” These Carribean Islanders say “Left-Wing’ De Niro is no different than Right-Wing’ Trump” for what De Niro is doing to them there. That’s because there is no difference. It’s their amateurish False Left-Right Paradigm, and their amateurish False Left-Right Politics. They are just ‘Constructs’. It’s how the very rich steal from you to get what they want.

    Maybe they’ll give you a “trick” or maybe a “treat”… In the end, it’s going to all be theirs…  “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot, with a pink hotel, boutique, And swingin’ hot spot, Don’t it always seem to go, That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…” – Joni Mitchell

    All their ‘land grabs’ eventually look like the same tourist trap. Same developmental design, then onto the next one… It’s too bad their money wasn’t so corrupted, and would allow for more creativity. But it’s all the same. No matter how much you beg to do it differently this time. And it gets pricey as hell!

    And they run off all the locals, that reminded you of why you once loved it, and why it was once so special…

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