Challenging Bill C-16 And Bill 89 At Pride Vancouver

Facing laws that police language and kidnap children Dan Dicks of Press For Truth went to the East Side Pride rally to see how the LGBTQ community feels about Bill C-16 and Bill 89.
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  • Rocken Roller

    These people who are being interviewed are basically the lowest iq bunch of misfits I’ve seen! And this absolute crap is the future?? WTF over!!

  • alex jones

    Why, is this okay? Why are these people okay with someone being thrown in jail or fined for not complying with what they want them to be respected as, and to be defined as? Why, are they so okay with compelled speech? What is wrong with these people? I do not agree with these people. Dr. Peterson was right. They are all cultural Marxists!

  • Randi Cook

    I’m sorry but this all is rediculous… Children are CHILDREN! they shouldn’t be having these thoughts or making such life changing decisions. like the lady said.. they can choose once they are adults. the adults are the adults and children are fucking CHILDREN!

  • Kid Android

    There are only 2 genders male and female, you can choose to be or love either or both and that’s the end of it period. Support the LGBTQ ppl and the rest need mental help, serious mental help and proper teaching on gender that God their creator blessed the earth with.

  • Jacob Merced

    its funny they are gwtting more rights than blacks coming out of slavery smh…. wgen are they going to realize that government doesnt love you

  • Transgender and LGBTQIA news on facebook

    we the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. communities stand proud for who we are and dont need anybody`s acceptance to be who we are, and vice versa, live your own lives, there has always been more than 2 genders, just not recognized til now, suck it up and move on, we are here to stay, we were here in the beggining of time, and we`re still here now, we are all human, not mentally ill,

  • Phil Ryerson

    the younger gentleman is correct people have taken advantage of the transgender law. like a gentleman from Quebec who moved to Ontario. because all he had to say was he was transgender was allowed to shower with the females. who was the sex offender. it was on the rebel

  • Phil Ryerson

    and of course no one’s going to agree with Bill 16. there’s a 13 year old girl in The Hamilton Spectator who says she’s a lesbian at 13 years old. there should be an age limit of 18 at least at that age you have more of an understanding. but at 11 12 and 13 you’re not old enough to know what you want to be. when I was 13 I wanted to be a priest and now I’m an activist like the rest of the people. and what happens to the child when it’s 11 years old and it’s already been taken from its parents because it didn’t know any better at 11 years old. and I can promise you the Children’s Aid Society Catholic or public could care less as long as they have people and they have a job

  • David O

    You know, if I talked like that kid with the rainbow cape, I would have been thrown out of the house for a few days until I wised up.

    This isn’t only happening in Canada. This nonsense is in the USA, as well. Ni pronoun laws yet, but in time, they will come.

  • Advection357

    Also I identify myself as a toaster. I will sue you if you don’t refer to me as a kitchen appliance.
    1% of the population is imposing their belief as law to the other 99% of the population… what the fuck Canada!

  • KeKKi

    Yeah. What about the rights of us stuck here in reality? Oh sorry, forgot, I’m a white, cis, hetero male so I need to check my privilege. Oh and one more thing – Please FUCK OFF! Thank you.

  • Maria Soleada

    They have no competition: WHAT I WANT TO SEE IS THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY UNIT have ‘their’ PRIDE PARADE ASSEMBLY every year as many times as possible To Send A Message! “Stand up for the Child Bearing FAMILY!

  • edwin gratto

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of , our government wants everyone to be fucking queer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • diething1

    Imagine I wanted to call all black people n*****s? There are laws against these kinds of things because it is what black people don’t want to be called. Transgendered don’t want to be misgendered. Now, i don’t agree with everything that goes with gender identity, just giving a clear analogy that put it in a different light. As for the child protective service bill, when it comes to gender, the child doesn’t know. I didn’t even know I was gay until i was 17. The law should at least wait until the age of 16.

  • D B

    99% agree these laws are ridiculous. no question. Now we need to find out WHY our laws makers are towing this line. they fear the gay mafia more than the 99%! that’s power!!

  • gerry morgan

    You should remind some of these people that it was the government that used to send gay people to prison just for being gay. Maybe the general public were crude and disrespectful to gays of old, but how much of that was state sanctioned. Keep government out of genitalia and the subtle art of naming things as they appear at first glance…Nothing good comes out of state law, and don’t think being part of the LGBT community is a get out of jail card. These laws will be corrupted.

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