“GLOBAL WARMING IS SEXIST” Says Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson does another Freedom Minute update, this time on the absurdity of a statement made by Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna earlier this week claiming that climate change was negatively affecting women.
As McKenna said,
“We need to consider the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children. I am proud that Canada is training up women negotiators so that we have more female voices around the table”

So basically on one hand, anthropogenic global warming is disproportionately affecting women and is sexist. On another hand, this issue is so incredibly important that instead of figuring out a way to fix it, she thinks it’s best to make sure an equal amount of women are at the table as men? So instead of focusing on qualification, she’s going to focus on gender?

After all, the whole agenda is to tax and regulate the middle class and small businesses into oblivion, so it makes sense that she comes up with insane ideas and then gets sidetracked by even more insane beliefs. It may actually benefit us that she’s so easily distracted. Either way, we need to fight back against this push by the Trudeau government and governments around the world to tax the air we breath through the carbon tax all while shaming questions off the table as if questioning official stories is an act of aggression.
Climate Barbie Catherine McKenna strikes again…

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stephen Williams

    Joos dictate. They get us to divide on race, religion and the sexes. They back all sides. We are slaves to them. And “they” will have a cull soon.

  • chimerasta

    this is what happens when idiots are raised as special snowflakes and start to “believe” in themselves :without any skills. “hot air” is the saying

  • Tracy Gill

    This government’s a joke. Let’s get rid of them. They’re all mentally ill. No wonder they can’t think straight. And the PM??? Post Menstrual???

  • Eddie Taurus

    These scum bag socilist elites need to be charged with treason and publicly hanged. Stealing tax dollars should be an automatic death sentence.

  • sunwarz

    That’s all great that we as woman are expanding in environmental studies but I would rather have the experts on the subject, in those seats regardless of their gender? What’s her problem, she should keep her personal opinions out of the job she is supposed to be doing, which doesn’t appear to be her top priority or her best attribute! I also feel the tax dollars she has been allowed is being totally waisted, this is ridiculous, where did or are all those luxury vehicles going when her study is over, did she get them at wholesale prices and who are the people who will be or who are driving them and retaining the ownerships bribed scientists? Not family, friends, lawyers or anyone one who could possibly have a vote in what she wants to prove or accomplish with science or paid for research material to make a statement to back up her bullshit? I think these vehicles are political bribes! All they have do do is track their mileage, and go for an e test once in a while an walla, its a tracked scientific environmental study hidden in the paper work of legitimate government testing!

  • Gary Kings Blank

    hope everyone on this channel is paying attention to the increased volcanism, Cosmic Ray increase, and the Grand Solar Min in general. NE US and Canada will be tough places to live when we have no summer for a year soon. Same preps as economic collapse, just add fuel to heat and cook.

  • Ian Lowe

    What a truly pathetic country Canada has become we divide and and become distracted so easily.Really all humanity does why is this not on mainstream TV?

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