PROOF: CSIS And The RCMP Are The REAL Terrorists – Canada Day Bomb Plot EXPOSED!

Canadian cops and intelligence agents have been busted with entrapping a young couple to commit acts of terrorism! In a unanimous decision, the Appeal Court sided with a B.C. Supreme Court judge who stayed proceedings in the terrorism trial of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody on the grounds that the police investigation was a “travesty of justice.” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the latest revelations in one of Canada’s largest “foiled” terror plots to date while pointing the finger at who suspect number one should always be moving forward when it comes to massive terrorist attacks.


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  • Susan Wilson

    Yeah, don’t worry, there won’t be too much more of this going forward. The terrorism excuse is wearing thin, they’re moving on to Russia now. Loads of money to be made in the new arms race and cold war – for both sides. Just think – no need to send soldiers anywhere, no refugees to deal with, it’s easy money!

    The government doesn’t care about spending your tax dollars because they can just give them to the rich arms dealers who will then give them lots back in bribes, which isn’t tracked. So when you hear about how much money is being spent on “defense” well, that’s just your money. Politicians are making bank on the lobbying and the bribes. Terrorism was never a real threat and neither is Russia. It’s just about making rich men richer – always was, always will be. That is what nations are for.

  • Thor Abraxas

    @Press For Truth. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was founded by a conspiring traitorous JEW named Robert Kaplan.
    He was also a member of the board of directors of Jewish B’nai Brith Canada.
    Evil Jews have their fingerprints over many terror attacks including 9-11. It’s a Jewish World Order being forwarded.

  • TV Computer

    would be interesting to get oneself intentionally targeted as a patsy by these agencies for the express purpose of documenting and exposing their shit.

  • phil2856

    Hello Dan, thanks for this video, and yes, you cannot trust the goverment. They do not have the interests of Canadians in their actions.This case is a perfect example.

  • julie baylis

    Congratulations on the I TOLD YOU SO! Doesn’t this mean we are under attack according to the courts? Isn’t terrorism illegal in Canada?

  • Karen Dworkin

    Could someone talk you into a bomb plot? Just curious since no one could talk me into it.. In fact I would report them so police could keep tabs on them. Did they report it if not why not? lol

  • Deborah Sindorf

    Good job!!! Your government must be learning from The United States of IsraHELL…We do this kind of shit all the time, only we call it CIA, FBI…or any other alphabet soup.

  • Teri VandeKuilen

    You should look into the history of RCMP and CSIS, bringing in SS assets to their ranks after the Second World War. I do not believe their job is an easy one but ideology and corruption will destroy anything over time as we seem to be seeing on a monumental scale today.

  • Steve Ryan

    Reason #32 to end the state once and for all. If The Almighty & Loving State would EVER do a thing like this, just imagine what else it will do to increase its power and domination over its subjects.

  • Corey Falls

    I’ll toot my own horn, they have been trying to set people up since my Political rallies in the 90’s that were put in place in the 60’s and left in the field as a recruiter for dissidents and then they shape its movements.

  • Rick S

    These two Islamist are ISIS supporters and did plant the home made bomb NOT the cop. YOU ARE SPREADING FAKE new and are NOT telling the whole story. Just trying blow your own horn.

    A Canadian couple found guilty of planting homemade bombs outside a government building will walk free after a court in British Columbia ruled the pair was entrapped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) into carrying out a “police-manufactured crime”.
    John Nuttall, 41, and Amanda Korody, 33, were found guilty of terror charges last year after they planted inert pressure cooker bombs on the steps of British Columbia’s provincial legislature in 2013, ahead of Canada Day celebrations that drew thousands of revellers to the area.

    They plantered the bomb and were willing to KILL Canadians to SUPPORT ISIS terror. This was not a police manufacture plot but a police operation trying to STOP these Islamist terrorists that infest our country.

    This is Press for FAKE news.

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