The Agenda To Destroy The Family, Wikipedia Conspiracy Police & #FreeDicks Wins!

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“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” –Frederick Douglass
There is an agenda to destroy the family unit and the courts have decided that the State is the rightful owner of your children! I think it’s time for a good old fashioned run on the government! Meanwhile YouTube is teaming up with Wikipedia in an attempt to stop fake news and conspiracy theories from spreading across their platform! And in a victory for the freedom of the press and for freedom of speech in general the strike of PFT’s channel has been removed! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest in What You Need To Know!


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  • Warren Faire

    i changed justin trudeau is the son of pierre trudeau to the allegged son on wikipedia. it was changed back within half an hour.

  • Gina Landry

    When u get a ss# u sign ur child over to government and state sends u document u think is birth certificate Yea right

  • Sapphire 1961

    This is why they wanted to burn all books. Some of us still have the good ole encyclopedia n Britannia books!

  • IWroteThis

    If you hold your childès birth certificate and the child services comes to take them away. Really, they are looking for the BC. Give it back to them. You should have some other documents handy….., but you can fore-fend the incursion by taking the child out of the Canadian Governments jurisdiction. The problem is that you accepted a federal benefit,(ID). That means they own you and your product…children. When you got the BC you ignorantly sold them into slavery. The BC is third party property. Anything associated is now controllable by them.

  • D B

    The black lady claiming children are the community’s and not the individual family is a 2 year old clip. I can’t believe she believes herself

  • marco testa

    I remember talking about this 15 years ago ,…..there is no more family ,… are kept at school and then day care until one parent comes to pick them up ,….because both work crazy hours , and then of course there is the single parent ,….they have accomplished it ,…. now it’s to put it in law.

  • Tesh Osborne

    Long time ago there was no greenbacks .. Paper cash .. Taxes.. An invention by the governMENts (sexist it says men?? ) now .. If people stopped thinking about wants wants wants . Needs first .. Food water and shelter .. Before they the Gov get too far understand the following .. Legally each elected official in governMENts <<< (sexist) .. Are hired by you the taxpayer .. They are employed by you the taxpayers .. You have the right to fire them .. You are there employer, they are employees of all the citizens of any nation .. To stop them is to have intermitent full GENERAL STRIKES TO SHUT IT ALL DOWN .. My kids are my kids .. my giving birth made me there mom .. To state the government is in control is a joke .. So many kids are destroyed by governments tossing them from foster to foster .. If they say they are in control then why do they let their kids live on the street on drugs ,prostitution , dealing drugs.. You name it .. But wait that is when they still point at the (BIRTH PARENTS) .. So wait again who is the parent .. ?? GovernMENt !! <<< sexist word .. As for wicked pedia. Aka (Wikipedia) I have Encyclopedias covering everything they do not ..things that are not (what is )written in several encyclopedias .. So folks keep some paper around called books .. Study some law .. Know your babies are yours unless given up at birth with your knowledge and consent .. Teach your children well !!

  • D B

    Not enough ppl will run on the government. Unfortunately. I can’t even get a full Soccer squad once a week. Can’t imagine Millions of Canadians marching for tax freedom

  • Katherine Sloan

    So let me get this straight. Libtards believe in and fully support abortion. However, when said unaborted fetus sucks in his first breath, he then is owned by the government??? Idiots! I hope Jesus raptures his people soon.

  • IWroteThis

    All under statute. But statute takes consent….
    Its hell living in the system.. part time. Why work so hard, so that you only have Right of Use of anything? Where is the pride of ownership? If it is at the behest of another? They can annex you off your land or take your children away or conscript you into the armed forces. Today, it is so unfair to live in such a world, it takes the shine off the ‘desired objects.’ You only feel better out in nature and away from the synthetic world of man. You are subject to too many rules, rows, columns, lines, boxes, curfews, etc… All designed to milk you of all you are worth…You little chaotic see monster.

  • Jesus protects

    So, you believe Sandy Hook didn’t have crisis actors?…

    I should watch that video to see your reasoning because that doesn’t make sense coming from a channel called “press for TRUTH”.

    What’s next? The Franklin cover up didn’t happen? 9/11 was not a demolition?

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    +Press for Truth .. thanks for you video on this. Been warning people for so long that “WIKI-LIE-TO-YOU” should NEVER be trusted on areas of “HISTORY” and “POLITICS” and many other areas since the guy who started was a synagogue of satanist who peddaled pornography before starting a ‘free encyclopedia’ and since it’s run by all sorts of Mossad and other type agents to purposely accelerate the ultra-‘stupid-izing’ of those who use it as though it’s some great source of ‘objective information’. No quality non-socialized university will let you use Wiki-lie-to-you as a source.
    To use wiki-lie-to-you-controlled-by-the-synagoge-of-satan-new-world-order-scribes, obliterates one’s own last shreds of credibility that they even know how to investigate quality sources properly and it’s not a wonder they affirm their serious level of false credibility. Wikipedia

  • Daniel J

    How about the kids own themselves? Just because they’re responsible for them, and have the right to dictate major parts of their lives doesn’t mean they “own” them, they still have free will, they’re not slaves. Either way you should definitely use different language. Arguing over who “owns” the kids isn’t going to instill ideas of individualism and freedom in their minds. We’re trying to purge the belief in ruler from society. If my mom said she “owned” me, 16 year old me would flip the fuck out.

  • Daniel Michaud

    They bought our children with the debt that the governments have contracted with the banks, that is to say that our dear governments
    with their deficits have sold our children and the population in general

  • spagzs

    I think people have to be careful about moving over to these other platforms…you have to think that the people behind this purge know that Whats people are going to do … now it makes it much easier for them to identify us … ?
    Those with the money can do anything

  • Kenneth Kaiser

    Dan — another video that I’m glad to be able to watch.
    I had already heard about the Wikipedia thing on a channel I’m subscribed to called Secureteam10.
    Tyler, the host and founder recently reached one million subscribers and he is running a channel that reports on serious and legitimate UFO or unexplained air objects and he does a lot of debunking of videos and “eye witnesses “of phenomena and YouTube recently has been calling his channel fake news. But he brought up the Wikipedia YouTube partnership and had a laugh about Wikipedia and there own lack of credibility.
    This whole internet needs to be shut down and a new, internet like the dark web but not illegal needs to be built. In the meantime people should be using Puffin Browser for the search provider it has no tracking and keeps no history of browser activity unless you allow it

  • anthony lloyd

    Well actually your children are owned by the country you live in. Try smacking them, not sending them to school, not registering their birth. You will quickly find that you have no power of your children.
    Children are taught from day one to respect the state. Pledging allegiance, standing up for the national anthem, birth certificate.

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