This “Conservative” Premier Just INCREASED The Carbon Tax! – Pallister’s “Made In Manitoba” Solution

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the very concerning localized increase in the already absurd Federal carbon tax.
Justin Trudeau’s Federal carbon tax charges $10/tonne on carbon, increasing to $50/tonne by 2022.
Well, for the time being, the so-called “Made In Manitoba Solution” pushed forward by Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister set to be implemented on September 1st actually charges MORE than the Federal government!
Carbon will be taxed $25/tonne, charging about 5.3 cents a litre, just under 7 cents a litre on diesel.
This will rake in $248 million a year, starting with $143 million this year.
The province intends to use part of the revenue to create a $102 million conservation trust that would protect natural areas and another $40 million on a “green fund” intended to mitigate “climate change.”
In 2018 in total, Pallister plans to raise everyone’s taxes $118 million. He claims that he will give income tax relief but people will still be paying more and when businesses pay more, there will be more unemployment and smaller businesses will have a harder time competing. Also, Pallister claims that he will drop the PST 1% by 2020. Wow… 1%… How helpful…
Meanwhile, it appears Pallister is only make the most unpopular cuts like hospital staff while growing the size and scope of government elsewhere.

It’s also important to mention that the Manitoba carbon tax will be implemented on top of the GST and fuel tax already in place. This is extortion.

Of course Trudeau claimed during the election that he would not force provinces into the carbon tax, but of course he has and the provinces were given until the end of 2018 to make a decision.
Brad Wall and Brian Pallister seemed to be the only ones against the carbon tax, but we know better now. It just took more transfers from Ottawa for Manitoba to weakly fall into the agenda.
The province has gotten $350 million from Ottawa in transfers and Manitoba’s debt will reach 25 billion dollars by the end of this fiscal year.

So it’s time to call out Pallister as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The continuation of leftist, statist policy forcing us into the dark ages.

This should infuriate everyone. This benefits the United Nations. This benefits government via theft. This shoves individuals further into poverty and debt. This props up major monopolies while shoving small businesses out of the market. This agenda doesn’t include the freedom of the individual, but simply the subservience of the masses and it must be stopped.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stephen Williams

    So you are proud that you refer to the canadian pm as a scumbag? You dont think that was rude and out of place and very unprofessional?

  • Leda Blue

    Thanks, not surprised. It’s a money grab, two-party system is an illusion. What about the trillions used to make weapons, their testing, nukes blown off in Oceans and the atmosphere, Military firing off bombs everywhere, does MIC pay? NEVER

  • Laura M

    John you probably know the pyramid with the elite on the top who keeps stealing from the bottom. That is what the bakers, and royalties do on the top stealing from the poor . The bankers , royals work together with governments around the world to steal the populus. As the Zurich Institute stated in 2012 there are 40000 corporations around the world 147 interconnected and the 50 banks their shareholders.

  • Citizens.Against.Corruption USA

    Since the United States stopped funding the “Global Warming ” scam, the United Nations is asking other countries to make up the difference. If you go to the Agenda 2030 website hosted by the UN you will see for yourself what I just said. That means other countries taxes will continued to be raised for the enslavement of ALL the people on this earth!

  • blood bought

    Sheeple will pay whatever they steal. WILLINGLY .They WILLINGLY will get on the trucks when they come. Talk Talk Talk , no action.
    Sheeple will complain and whine but will ALWAYS pay . They have been conditioned to OBEY . This all makes for a good show though

  • gaston carrier

    govt officials are only looking for ways to increase taxes so they can go to fancy restorants and hotels for meetings and look like they are working ,,,,,

  • The Perfect Setup Guitar and Bass

    Pallister’s goons quite rufly threw my bodies of of the palomino. They are gangsters.
    Your chanel and views should be bigger

  • Dr. Mike

    Government will Never stop spending more than they “make”!! Will implode sooner than later and Bitcoin will emerge as the clear Winner?

  • John Wayne

    Pallister’s is a idiot. He is obviously a globalist piece of crap. It is the same crap Obama was trying in the USA. The scumbag is trying to kill the middle-class.
    There is one fact in life. Any time a politician gets involved with any cause there is money involved. They will lie manipulate data anything it takes to justify taxing the citizens, including fear mongering. Which is their all-time favorite. Scare people enough and they will agree to anything. Like scared sheep they will do whatever these criminals tell them to. And the politicians know this.

    Now for CO2 to be blamed solely on climate change is like believing in Santa Claus.

    One volcano erupting can produce more CO2 than the industrialized world can create in a year. If you notice China and India are exempt till at least 2030 wonder why? Simply because they have lots of cheap or slave labor for the big multinational companies.

    If you think about it, what is far more dangerous is all the chemicals and pollution the big multinationals dump into our environment that poisons our water and food supply.

  • eric martin Bosse

    I just have one question about this Carbon Tax… What are they doing to reduce that carbon ? What are they exactly doing… TOTAL transparency of every tax dollars could be tracked on a Blockchain… Ai will easily replace 90% of all governments around the world… for a fraction of the actual cost…

  • John Wayne

    warming/climate change/extreme weather = The hidden agenda : Theft of citizen money through legislation. The money is to be used by Brussels to fund the next level of government. You see, Brussels wants to be the capital of the world making all countries essentially states. This is why you also see their push for countries to have open borders. Google search brussels soros. its all there in black and white.

  • Mark Shirley

    Don’t worry guys, Trump is going to turn the whole world around and drain the swamp and save the whole world all on his own. Notice how the globalist agenda juggernaut just keeps on crawling forward under ‘plausible deniability. ‘But good on you for ‘raging against the machine’ still.

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