ΒREAKING: Exclusive Footage Released Of Ρaddock From Inside Μandalay Βay

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Exclusive footage obtained by the New York Times has been released raising more questions than it answers. It’s been nearly 6 months since the shooting and there is still no motive announced to date even though they are now releasing footage of Paddock loading up his room with a total of 23 guns. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down what the footage contains while also encouraging the viewer to have a healthy dose of skepticism in regards to the official narrative been given to us by the msm and the powers that ought not to be.



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  • Jason Bullard

    Wouldn’t want to catch the those FBI officials on camera within those 10 hours of missing footage now would we?

  • Barney Fife

    What about those helicopters seen above the people at the event who were caught shooting into the crowds? Where’s that footage? What a lot of nonsense. We’ll never learn the truth.

  • Christine Pranga

    Where is the footage of these bags even going into his room? As far as I know they have cameras on every floor, for the safety of the guests!! When my sister was in Vegas, they locked their selves out of room and before they could head to the desk for help! Security showed up out of no where!! They seen them on camera. How did he get the 800 lb. glass out, by his self? Also 21 bags for 23 guns, did he take them completely apart? Seems like there is too many bags for what they say he had!!

  • Carol-Ann Trudell

    23 guns, more than 700 injured, 58 killed. All masonic numbers. He’s wearing the same shirt in all but one video where it is white. All those suit cases and he has to wear the same shirt. How stupid do these people think we still are? Another distraction so more damage can be done while everyone is trying to figure this out. They only thing they are clever at is distractions. Plus 6 months after the shooting they present this video. Masonic again. Take care everyone. Our end is getting closer all the time.

  • Derek Richards

    Las Vegas shooting was one of the most botched confused bunch of lies and deception it’s all over social media that it was a false flag attack videos have popped up from cellphones with people and I witnesses saying that the guns sounds were coming out of speakers 1 old man carrying 400 pounds of ammunitions and weapons through the lobby and security cameras come on what kind of caulk and bull story are you to tell us now and expect us to believe the bullshit The only people that really believe anything that you say are the people that suffer from cognitive dissonance who still have their faith and core values in American dreams that believe everything they hear without doing any real research. That’s what you rely on people’s blind faith and then all these little anomalies they won’t pay attention to and/or not accept as real evidence because social media blew it out of the water and it was a false flag attack but because you’re controlled by corporate media and government you’re not gonna ever tell the flocking truth

  • potomacscott

    The vast majority of those clips showed him wearing the same sweater with shirt underneath on many different days.
    Most in black and white so we wouldn’t notice him wearing the same one all the time.

  • max-well ice

    no hallway surveillance footage tho….also new footage puts him checking in a week before which changes the already changed narrative again. Your follow up questions are mine as well. No security guard footage? 10 hours missing? Door locks and unlocks in that time period? Still very weird

  • Albert Frederick

    Look at the bags….! did he disassemble all of the long guns and, then re assemble them in the room….? I am so sick of these false flags…..!

  • Truth Seeker

    This was a false flag!!! All these extra details are part of the psyop ina weak attempt to give the hoax more legitimacy! Don’t fall for it awoken ones

  • Tina Cole

    What I’m seeing is.. different angles… different cameras… same shirt in many of them. And how do we know he went to Mesquite more than that one time?
    Kind of like trying to make it look as if he was doing several trips but I don’t believe it. The video clips are being shown too fast… And if this was shown on the news, well that explains it.

  • Sylista84

    Who was the dude behind him in the hallway of the Mandalay Bay just b4 he ordered 2 entries leaving the cart in the hallway?

  • JB

    This obviously wasn’t a cut and dry mass shooting like they are trying to make it out to be. No one needs 23 guns to perform a . mass shooting. He was obviously planning on arming or selling to a group of people. Lots of people have claimed from the beginning that there is evidence that he was a gun runner for everyone from Muslim groups to the FBI.

    This story doesn’t and has never added up. Much like the multiple confirmed shooters throughout Vegas that night, there’s a lot they aren’t telling us.

  • Steve Ryan

    Why would anyone have 20+ guns for such a scheme? I could see having a few in case one malfunctioned, but what’s the point in having so many, unless several people were on the job?

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