2019 Crypto BULL MARKET? – The Possibilities Are ENDLESS!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2019 as we enter a new year ready to watch the incredible innovations on currency and blockchain technology take flight!
As the stock market tanks and fiat currencies around the world fail, as major websites beg the question “Is there a blockchain alternative?” there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure will replace much of what we use on a daily basis. Will there be a bull market in 2019? There’s no saying, but the climate is perfect for a major rally, and not just from a speculation perspective but from a market growth perspective as far as decentralized technology goes.
As Venezuela abandons their hyperinflated Bolivar and ignores government demands, they are bartering on the free market and using competing currencies, most popularly Dash. Argentina will likely face the same situation soon and that goes across political lines. The alternatives to governments and banks are here and regardless of political ideologies, people are using blockchain infrastructure to replace the old guard either way.
In this video we talk about our top crypto picks for 2019, our favorite blockchain based websites/social media networks and where value comes from in money.

Stay tuned as we continue to break down these issues!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • MyEcoLife

    I still haven’t bought any crypto, even though I want to ….because I can’t figure out the right way to keep from getting scammed or having problems with my bank because I bought crypto or some other issue… It was so much easier to trade Futures and Forex and I think I will do that again soon…. at least I invested in land in the mountains of Guatemala to build affordable Eco Casas for those of you up north looking to escape with little money and food grows year-round here…. adios from the mountains of Guatemala

  • Jonee Tiedemann

    Bitcoin BTC will be the MySpace of the legacy shitcoin Flintstones world. The 8-track cassette tape for maximalist dumbfucks with thick glasses.

  • motorcycleguy73

    Wake up guys it’s over, you’re just trying to promote something to recoup some money for you. I know you’ve got a lot of cryptocurrency that’s worthless so you’re hoping you can convince enough people to buy and raise the prices again, wake up or better yet go back to sleep.

  • Jonee Tiedemann

    Exactly two years ago Bitchcoin BTC (a legacy coin, but let’s move on) was @ 1000 Fed horseshit units. And today it is at … ? Who else “made” 300% ROI in two years? Crypto analysts are mostly fucked in the head, and forget about the legacy corporate hacks in their 5th Ave. shithole. Nobody has a fucking clue but talks a whole lot. Proportion is out the window.

  • Jonee Tiedemann

    Guys, you got it TOTALLY wrong with this Enormous Orifice Supply shit token. These guys behind it are all pedophiles, documented, arrested, fled to Hongkong in the 90’s, Spanish police seized a hard drive with 8000 pedo photos. In the nineties. Brock Pierce and fuckbuddies, Tether, Bitfinex, these mofos are going down before your snow melts, if it does this time. Beware.

  • proteus 1

    you also have a lot to understand. The people that gain knowledge are aware of their lack of. What you going to say if bitcoin goes to zero, buy buy buy.

  • John Adams

    Any currency that helps lead into a cashless society should NOT be promoted. How can something made out of using so much electricity and out of thin air,the same way the FED does it but uses paper,ink,metal and copper to make theres with no backing to either one. In order to buy one worthless currency(bitcoin) you have to buy it with another worthless currency(the dollar). I wouldn’t trade either one with my gold and silver. You guys are promoting the devils money I don’t give a shit what JEFF BERWICK or Mcaffee says

  • splashgang records

    Bitcoin is fiat and is based off faith , Iā€™m all for crypto but a gold back crypto. Karatbars international offers gold back crypto

  • mike reynolds

    This is fantastic information. You’re loosing out if you don’t watch the whole video. Also remember thumbs up and help these guys out is you can.

  • AHR 12

    Why do you keep saying scarcity has value? My hair is scarce. YOu gonna use that? And why do you think any govenment will let you use a competing currency?

  • Lili Robin

    Your videos are being pirated. Many are redirecting in the comments that content is from WAM. Thanks for all your hard work in 2018. 19 is the number for chaos so it will be turbulent.

  • hareshwar PATIL

    Btc is gold 2.0 for next 360 year circle…we are early generation of this wealth transfer..love u bro for working hard this valuable information…

  • Garry Johnston

    Here’s something to think about you two. Think about what a stock is. How does it try to keep it’s value ? Does it really have a solid value ? What can make it crash ? What makes it rise ? Now think about bank cash which used to be issued in gov’t style denominations but they were only issued by the bank itself. How did it keep it’s value or lose it ? Now think about your favourite. How does it keep it’s value or lose it ? Think before you answer. Can you reply to me ? Thanks.

  • Canned Ham

    Crypto currency is just as worthless as paper Fiat currency.
    It’s all bu llshit. Buy physical gold and silver!!!

  • jh jh

    I think the decentralized document transfer and the transfer of digital currency backed by real assets such as gold and silver will be our future but unfortunately it won’t be the block chain technology. It is to expensive to mine, not good for environment and to slow to use as a currency sometimes taking days for the block chain to verify the transaction and it is not byzantine verified. Something like the underlying technology of hashgraph is and does thousands of transactions per second but it’s scalability is yet to be proven. So I guess we need to start somewhere with this technology and something better will always come out.
    Therefore bitcoin by itself is not worth it’s value and will eventually go to zero but even with better underlying technology the value is in the thing u r trying to send or receive not the technology that allows you to do the transaction. Anyway just my own opinion.

  • Redneck Kristopher

    Not unless you are a moron the Us bond market will outperform once again if in the hands of a great portfolio manager lmao you kids!

  • cryptoslice

    blockchains like EOS have value because they can make running a website, game, bank etc cheaper and more secure. You might not think its a good form of money but you cant deny its more efficient then current systems.

  • Hooee Phone

    Just ask yourself if you would accept cryptos or metal for a transaction. If yes, it has value. If no don’t buy any.

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