Another Camp Found In Alabama Tied To New Mexico?

After the bizarre situation in New Mexico was revealed to the public last year it seems there is even more to the story!

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  • Raimonster

    These camps are CIA operation. Very basic CIA stuff. FBI and courts provide clean up and cover up when they get exposed.
    More shootings, more pressure to disarm americans. When americans are finally disarmerd then comes bolševik coup and political cleansings. Just like before.

  • Cita Previa
    BTW once the double speak confirms as www lll these bots will have our name on it … Best to keep the fluff or niceties out of real talk … Sleeper cells are everyone in seconds via ai-god 5G transmission …

    Love is not pretending.

  • Ron Kennedy

    How dumb does one have to be to find this shocking? Thank your politicians. The people you pay well to protect you and your way of life. Doing a wonderful job for you, aren’t they?

  • Critical Thinker

    Mark my words, the Mexican border has been used to sneak in radical islamic terrorists/ISIS for at least a year now (same story was out last year) hence our government’s very soft attitude on the border like questionably ordering agents to stand down. Trump recently ordered a large amount of agents to the border recently as well, not that I believe he’s on our side, but his decision to do so certainly calls for speculation. I do believe our own gov (USA) is not just in on this but working full-time to construct their short-lived, bittersweet new world order out of the ashes of an invaded and ravaged america, people will flood to department stores/camps for safety during the incoming crisis, and upon entering will be faced with an ultimatum that if declined shall result in death since they will be unwelcome in this “new world”. This will happen in addition to many devastating natural and unnatural global events that have yet to be fulfilled. As times both passes more and speeds up more, everything that’s happening in modern times is only further confirming the numerous and profound biblical prophecies that our Lord God has given as proof to his existence and power; including his prophecies of what the world would look like before our Savior’s return. We will endure the most difficult and final times of humanity, but by surrendering yourself to; and repaying the love our savior Jesus Christ has for you, your spirit shall become impervious to what awaits the world. I’m not the best of christians, but as I am trying to do so myself, I can only recommend placing yourself on the right terms with our Father and Creator.

  • Palty B. Shields II

    Mudslimes have complexes in upstate New York. This whole nation needs to be PURGED so ordinary Americans can live in peace and prosperity without having to deal with their neighbors training suicide bombers and murdering children. All imams must go, for God’s sake. #TravelBan #MAGA #BanSharia #ShariaisEvil #FinishtheWall #WalkawayfromDemocrats #Trump2020Landslide

  • Chris Shawn

    Sounds like CIA psyop BS to me. Fear the Muslim BS. Idiots in the comment section eating it up, as usual. And soon the staged “Iranian” attack.

  • U. 2B

    So you had children practicing using a firearm on a shooting range in Alabama and there were people calling on law enforcement to act. Ask yourself on what grounds they had any right to act if that was all that was apparent at the time. Or is it that being black and being in a “Muslim” cult is enough of a reason? I thought this was America were the 2nd amendment, liberty and freedom were sacred?

  • Mike Donner

    If these were white “Christian Extremists” everyone would be dead and the place burned to the ground. They encourage radical Muslims and wipe off the face of the earth any white, patriotic group of Americans. Why would the latter invoke such a swift violent reaction while the former is hardly worth mentioning. This should clearly show you the intention of the powers that be; who they fear most and who they use to progress their goals. This isn’t good for freedom loving Americans and you can say you’ve been clearly warned by now.
    “…blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.” Bad things are on the horizon, and you shouldn’t waste your time looking to the world to save you.

  • Oldhogleg

    It’s obviously it’s all a government operation; the local Sheriffs are typically told by the FBI to not to bother any of these Islamic Terrorist Training Camps.

    It’s so obvious when you have the courts defending the Islamic Terrorists Trainers Constitutional Second Amendment rights, but call those of European decent terrorists for merely wanting the Secondary Amendment defended.

  • 12 Volts

    Defund the mosques… you can do this by banning all halal products. KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, ben and jerry’s, subway …the lot all halal. Billions a year paid in licences and certification.

  • Taylor Daniel Sciff

    I’d gather my own team of Patriots to go exictue and rain and clean. And kill all those FBI FBI Israeli agents that contorl our government

  • smeegle592

    There are those in our justice system and political system who believe if we don’t criticise radical Islam or if we take a strong stance torward them it will help to prevent terriorism! Its crazy clown like for sure.

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