Is Taxation Theft? – We Asked Canadians & The Results Are Terrifying!

Josh Sigurdson hits the streets of Winnipeg, Canada for Canada’s 150th birthday to ask people if they think taxation is theft. Let’s just say, people in Canada have a lot of learning to do…

As people are extorted to death by taxes in Canada, it appears people have little resentment. From carbon taxes which is basically a tax on everything and benefits the massive monopolies that the left pretends to hate, to the PST, GST, income tax, business tax, capital gains tax, property tax (which stops people from ever actually owning their house), gas tax, plastic tax, excise taxes and in some places an MST the level of extortion is enormous.

When you can’t opt out of paying taxes, it is theft. If some great collective came to your door and insisted you paid them for some “great idea” they have, would you not consider THAT theft? So how is being forced to pay a collective we call “government” under some social contract you never signed not theft?

Everything the government does, the free market does better. The inefficient and crumby services of the state cause a Hegelian perpetual problem of problem, reaction, solution, repeat. The bureaucracy monopolizes healthcare and causes the prices to hike, benefitting a few corporations who get the subsidization with no incentive to innovate, no incentive to compete for lower prices and bring great new medicines and treatments to cure horrible diseases. Instead, without competition the subsidized corporations just create a perpetual cash flow by putting medications and treatments on the market that just lead to more medications and treatments. It’s a scam!

Kids are indoctrinated by public schools, small businesses are regulated and taxes to death again stifling competition. Central banks print currency creating devaluation, debt and inflation (the hidden tax). Roads are built terribly with contractors guaranteed to get another contract a few years later with returning profit. The list goes on and on.

This glassy eyed religion cult called statism which people are brainwashed into believing in is not the great society, the great collective that people believe it to be. It’s an extortion racket, a control complex, a slave plantation. Don’t agree? Get kidnapped for a victimless crime and see your life get destroyed. Go into debt and watch the state and banking system use you as a pawn.

It’s time we truly bring anarchy to the streets, and not in the way many think, but the message of freedom must be understood and cannot be watered down.

Taxation is theft!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Joel Salatin
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • ON Ontarible

    If you make more money, you pay more tax? How does that apply to Moslem’s & Indian’s? A small portion of Canadian’s pay huge taxes while 3,000,000 Moslem’s & Indian’s live from cradle to grave on the public dime, which is now much, much more than a dime. Moslem gimmigrant’s receive higher benefits than Canadian’s, full dental & vision coverage as well as priority medical access as do our Indian Gimmigrant’s who are stopping Canadian’s from going to work, pipelines & the Ring of Fire project in Northwestern Ontario stopped by Indian’s.

  • Stan Ulch

    Knew the answer before watching. Most Canadians love kool-aid. Hence why we’ve never left the warm teet of the Crown.

  • Brian Brown

    “How would things get paid for?” Why can’t those who want it pay for it voluntarily if it is such a good idea?

  • Vader Vaders

    The worst part is that if our leaders were not pissing away and stealing the money they have been over the decades Canada could easily run off of it’s own GDP and would have no reason to tax you any further… it’s theft! And every day these fucks look for a new way to collect more!!!

  • Krisjan McNeill

    I wish you ran into me when I was there. I see where people are coming from, but taxation is not legal, and is a form of theft. I am not sure what no government would look like, but as long as a government is in place to control people, someone’s gotta fund it.

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