Reactionary Activists “Shut It Down” Faith Goldy Silenced At Wilfred Laurier University

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Students in university campuses all across the country are slipping further and further into postmodernist thinking and all out cultural Marxism! Faith Goldy was scheduled to make a speech titled “ Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European Canadian Identity” but that triggered the students and they shut it down the event by pulling a fire alarm before she even had a chance to take the stage! In this video Leigh Stewart of Press For Truth explains what happened during her coverage of the event and why it’s incredibly important to to reject post modernism as the cancer that it is.

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  • Anette M. Lang

    Rally for Canada being held on April 2. @ 12pm at all major City Halls across Canada.
    Enough is enough.
    Unite Canada ??!

  • TropicalCoder

    Idiots. They don’t stop the message. They just inconvenience a lot of people. The message goes out louder than it would have because now everybody wants to hear what was so scandalous it had to be shut down – the Streisand Effect in play.

  • Deb Deb

    Soros’ billions $$ that are behind this. It’s his Zionist miscegenation agenda, so they don’t want anyone saying anything to “wake up” the people to halting immigration.
    It’s happening to all white European people throughout the world. BUT the PM of Israel is paying black immigrants $2k to leave Israel by the end of March or be imprisoned…they don’t want any race mixing.

  • Jo Mo

    marx was a lunatic. as to why antifa see him as a hero is beyond me……. canada do what we did state side to get rid of hippies, black panthers, bloods and crips……. make what they do illigal. put leaders in prison with life sentances. then find there poison and let them die for it…….. im not trying to sound mean. its just all been done before

  • Coach TMAC

    Leigh excellent presentation. Freedom of speech has been stolen by the atheist secular leftist who think only their viewpoints count. Faith Goldie, a precious reminder of hope from my old university (UofT) where the invasion of libtards was well on the way back 30 years ago when I was there.
    Faith is not just right she is correct in her assumption that the administration is terrified the truth and real facts will flush out the stink of the BS they’re pushing on the youth and impressionable inexperienced student.
    Please do more vids like this one.

  • Canadian Deplorable

    Classical Liberalism is dead. Even in government on every level. It’s morphed into pure Marxism and these fools are cheering their own enslavement. We will become just like the UK were wrong think gets you jailed. Sharia will be the law of the land given up freely by the leftist cattle.

  • kyle wolfe

    Was this a college, or the 5th grade? Oh No, I don’t want to hear a presentation, So You Can’t Either! Be careful Canada, or you will “False Alarm” your Freedoms Away!!!

  • Micheal Tull

    Do students anywhere think
    For themselves? I really think
    With what the collages are doing to young people, they
    Should be closed altogether.
    Great video thankyou.

  • decompyler

    It is so crazy how easy it is to divide people and getting them fighting over shit that doesn’t really matter. No wonder those who wish to control everything use the same tactic over and over. Sad that people don’t understand what is being done to them by those that claim to want to protect them.

  • Bill Beck

    Thank you Leigh
    These anti social bots are severely indoctrinated and they’re paid cash, that’s a tough combination to reason with.We need to follow the money and persecute the bankers.

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