The Euro Is FAILING! – Establishment DESPERATE To Prop It Up On 20th Birthday

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the 20th birthday of the Euro.
On January 1st, 1999 the Euro was implemented and enforced. The currency has since shown itself to be like any other fiat currency. Worthless.
In the past 20 years, the Euro has lost a vast amount of its purchasing power and while many countries use the terrible note, its relevance is dwindling.
As Britain voted to leave the EU with the historic Brexit vote, there will be another vote coming up in March. Isn’t it interesting that if the establishment doesn’t get what they want, they’ll just do it over and over again until they benefit.
If the Euro falls, most believe that the country will fall too. They forget the power of free market competing currencies and how they’ve prevailed over time. No debt servitude. No enforcement of legal tender laws.
On top of that, we constantly hear about the dollar or krone or peso or euro doing better than another currency. No, they’re all rapidly devaluing. Some are just devaluing faster than others. It’s a race to the bottom as we’ve seen with all fiat currencies throughout history going back nearly 1,000 years to 1024 AD in China. When will people learn?

As stock markets crumble around the world and the everything bubble pops… As the Dax in Germany sees its worst annual decline in 10 years and Deutsche Bank gets ready to crash completely… As currencies devalue into nothing throughout the world, we must decentralize everything. We must rule ourselves. We must be independent, self sustainable and most importantly, responsible. Freedom and responsibility are hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. There are solutions, but it takes you as an individual breaking outside of that system before it is completely desecrated and you end up on the street.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Gram Pt

    Don’t wish this lot a HNY. They are completely round the bend. Look what happened in Zimbabwe. They printed their money to extinction. The Euro is going the same way. Gpx

  • Steemit Surfer Review

    Josh…1024 by the Mongols… Ogedai Khan, so although the Mongols conquered China it is more accurate to indicate the Mongols as the creators of fiat

  • Old Deplorable

    What I think will happen, is that Trump and the Q Team will dismantle the entire financial system, seize the $trillions in Rothschild assets so he can declare a debt jubilee, and reset currencies based on the gold standard. Everything will change at a stroke. We will at last have honest money for the first time in 100+ years. You guys will have nothing left to talk about!

  • will bennett

    You guys are more brainwashing and bais then any news station on the planet cover the story u don’t need to try to brainwash ppl. At this rate YouTube should be censoring you guys honestly. And this is coming from someone who is actually intreged by the topics you cover. Just starting to hate the way you have it. I’m sure I’m not the only one

  • Raw Evidence

    The goal of socialism is communism. – Vladimir Lenin . ….. “Without big banks, socialism would be impossible.” – Vladimir Lenin.

  • Tomas Av.

    In Latvia and Lithuania when euro was adopted prices skyrocketed double and even tripled. Because numbers with euro looked so low people started to increase prices.

  • Jean Phillippes

    Surely the troops of ANY European army, if they were recruited from the soils of Europe – with all that sensitivity training – would be pretty useless in war?
    If the EU forces that were deployed in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s are anything to go by, the intervening social changes can only have eroded the resolve of the Generation X to the point of non-combatability?

  • Thomas Hobbes

    EU is the Germans third attempt to invade Europe economically after two unsuccessful military campaigns. Here is some of the companies that the Germans took over : Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti 1998 /Skoda 1994/ Seat 1986/Scania and Ducati 2008/ Reebok 2005.

  • Dirk-Ulrich Heise

    The EU superstate was first demanded by freemason Coudenhouve-Kalergi in 1925. He called it Pan-Europa. He specified it in his 1925 book Praktischer Idealismus. He describes it as an aristocracy of the spirit with a Jewish ruling caste (because he calls them the spiritual elite) , ruling over a mixed “Eurasian-Negroid” race, in other words, he already planned the flooding of Europe with Muslim and African settlers.
    The book cannot be bought in Germany, maybe not worldwide.

  • George Afutu

    Government is inevitable! If there was no government, then the Italian or Irish Mafia would be your government! If not them, then Mexican or Columbian drug cartels or even Communist military regimes. Somebody would take rulership of the civilized masses, even if it was the Bloods and the Crips! Study history and see that the criminal element or dictators ALWAYS ASSUME POWER DURING ANARCHY! As Apostle Paul said, government is established by God to protect the righteous and punish the wicked
    and does not carry the sword in vain. America ideologically is the only government that ever existed that granted so sovereignty to the masses. But as always, except in rare cases in history, the wicked infiltrated the government and corrupted it. America is the only society that knowingly elects its own traitors and enemies to the Republic.

  • Hans Turpyn

    I can confirm that since we adopted the euro here in belgium the inflation is 400%. The media says less but its actualy 400% and going. All things did x4 in price. To me the euro looks like a cover up to hide the inflation. I am for the biggest part in crypto now. Fuck the slavery threatmill

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