The Way Of STRIKING: David Whitehead – Truth Warrior Vlog

This is both an instructional video, and philosophical commentary on the art of striking and the science of movement in martial arts.
Feat. Sensei David Whitehead


About The Author


  • Pure Love Energy

    wow bro. we are warriors from Australia and we live in Northern Territory.
    we believe the same and we are going back to the spiritual aspect of upper
    chakra martial arts rather than lower chakra martial arts like todays arts

  • Itwasallwonderfulnot

    Excellent video, thank you. Love my heavy bag session, great stress
    reliever, “physical experiment” like I believe you said, perfect

  • Pure Love Energy

    Bro I only ever followed because of your martial arts foundation. check out
    chi, pranic breathing and Fulan gong

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