Are The Terms “Mr. & Mrs.” Offensive? FaceBook Is Toast & Rejecting Bill C-71 Lock Stock And Barrel!

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This train is heading to crazy town and I want off the ride! Service Canada has announced their plan to stop using terms like “mother” “father” “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in an attempt to be more gender inclusive! Meanwhile Facebook share are tanking in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data misuse and political ad targeting scandal however Mark Zuckerberg seems to have planned his escape well in advance. And a new anti g-u-n bill has been introduced in Canada known as Bill C-71 which seeks to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to fire-arms in an attempt to minimize gang related violence but the truth is it will do nothing of the sort. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks all this down and more in his latest installment of What You Need To Know!


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  • Enrique Velez

    I tried to sign up for steem it when it first came out and their long case sensitive code provided never worked, I even tried with a different email and never even got a new address code then.. I gave up on it.

  • Jhere McKenzie

    Trump signed a new budget bill, H.R. 1892, into law today (23 March 2018)…in
    SEC 530, on page 237, it states: “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to pay the salaries or expenses of personnel to deny, or fail to act on, an application for the importation of any model of shotgun if—
    (1) all other requirements of law with respect to the proposed importation are met; and
    (2) no application for the importation of such model of shotgun, in the same configuration, had been denied by the Attorney General prior to January 1, 2011, on the basis that the shotgun was not particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes. “

  • Fraser Potma

    Seriously Man, I was enjoying your Independent news channel. But since you seem to be so offended by how the Canadian Federal government will be addressing people who are not you, I can no longer listen to your homophobia. How exactly is society Damaged by using terms that are more appropriate to the person you are talking to.
    Clearly you Identify as a Dick, and your name reflects that. Did you change your name to match how you see yourself or were you born that way?

  • CJ P

    First it’s Parent 1 and Parent 2. But isn’t that offensive to those who aren’t Parents. So it will have to be Person 1 and Person 2. But that’s offensive too because some don’t identify as a person. All this does is muddy the language.

  • Argentarii Homini

    Ask them whether it’s OK to use those terms in Israel, and look at their expression as they try to avoid answering.

  • R. Warren Harris

    I have to disagree with you.there are only 3 genders. Male, Female, and one in 2,000 are hermaphrodite. In regards to the latter. Historically the hermaphrodite is forced to undergo gender reassignment at birth.

  • mikecorbeil

    Fine, but difficult to playlist, due to the “mélange” of topics and them not being clearly understandable in the title of the video. Regarding Bill C-71, if the Trudeau govt opposes the right or rights of Canadians to non-criminally own and use guns, then maybe he should make sure that his personal security team or guards for him as PM to be ordered to not carry guns when working for his security. Surely, I believe anyway, by far most Canadians owning guns own them for purposes like hunting and practice, rather than self-protection or protection of their families as primary reason. Of course that depends on the type of gun, for revolvers, say, surely aren’t normally for hunting. Nonetheless, I’m under the impresssion that C-71 is about all guns, so hand guns as well as rifles and shotguns, a second type of long-barrel gun. Being a real leader requires leading by example, so if the Trudeau govt is to deny Canadians their rights to legitimately own and use guns, then he should make sure that no one serving as a security team member for his personal protection is allowed to carry a gun. After all, it’s for his and their own protection that they carry guns, so it’s downright hypocritical bs to pretend that Canadians have to be denied the same right.

  • Charles Ott

    I’m not knocking Canadiens !!!! They cannot help the laws that are forced upon them !! But when we’re talking about a country that allows beastiality ?? No worries though ! We in America will be right behind you. We will allow just like you will !!! All perversions to be law. How has Humanity fallen so far ???? And when you think about the perversions ??? Pedophilia to cannibalism ??? Soon both will be normal and we will have no rights !! Sucks to be us !! Because most do not see the spiritual war going on for your soul !!! God bless !!! Because most and all need this !! Some are too stupid to see it !!!!

  • Gary G

    There are more guns buried in this country than the government knows about, and they will be dug up and used to win back our freedom and our rights.

  • Patrick Campbell

    Are Canadians so brainwashed by our education system, that people are going to buy into the governments’ gender neutral rhetoric? At what point do we call this psychotic, or losing touch with reality? At what point do we call this insanity, or irrational? Are Canadians going to allow this confusion to reign? Where are our courageous young Canadians who are going to stand up and straighten out this de-ranged ideology?

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